Attack On Titan Season 2 Episode 11 Subbed

Attack On Titan Season 2 Episode 11 Subbed

Attack On Titan Season 2 Episode 11.
Watch Attack On Titan Season 2 Episode 11 in High Quality HD online on
You are watching Attack On Titan Season 2 Episode 11.
Season 2 Episode 11 of the TV Anime Series Attack On Titan

My Hero Academia

Read Manga for this Epsisode: Chapter 48-49
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244 thoughts on “Attack On Titan Season 2 Episode 11 Subbed”

    • There won’t be a season three. The fact that they are including material from the current chapters shows that this is the last one they will make.

      • I think it’s more of a precaution rather than a definitive “no”.

        I think that considering the mess of the making of the second season, making a third might be as risky, and hence, will only make a third one if it really is worth it, if they see that season 2 is successful. But since that’s not guaranteed, there is stuff such as the inclusion of that Ymir flashback, which like you pointed out is normally MUCH LATER in the manga, which could be a “precaution” in case season 2 is not successful and they have to stop there.

        And unfortunately, I don’t have much hopes for a third season, and even less for a fourth. As much as I love season 2, It seems like it has received A LOT of flack from people whenever the action stopped. And, well, considering how politically orientated season 3 would be if the story is followed the same way as the manga, it would just be a mess in terms of ratings… Eh, just like the Star Wars prequels when we think about it!

        Unfortunately, the ENORMOUS revelations of the basement would not be done until season 4 (if we keep the 12 episodes format), but like I said, I have very low hopes for the series to reach that far… Which is sad. But hey, only time will tell, for now…

        • I personally don’t understand why people are complaining having less action in Season 2. Honestly I’ve enjoyed Season 2 way more than Season 1, because it isn’t all about Humans VS Titans, but rather learning about the world of AoT. And still, when there is action, the scenes are just so much thrilling

          • EXACTLY. I love them too because it builds on the characters and world! It creates a variation in the tone, too! Which is why I love season 2: even if I already read the manga, seeing those scenes which help building the world are what make it awesome, imo.

          • Remember when the manga spent ten months hyping up the return to the basement and they got interrupted on the way there? I quit the manga because of that shit. I’ll start again after this season is over but the fact that the season didn’t even get that far makes me LIVID.

          • well actually my biggest issue with this season is that there is just too many cliff hangers!!! like one or two is fine but making every single episodes end with one is just annoying! considering how all of them or most of them are right in the middle of a huge fight it just takes away my passion for each fight! you know what i mean? like having to wait a whole fucking week to watch a fight after that week ended I’m not even excited for the fight anymore and it makes me enjoy the episodes way less!!!

          • People complain that there isn’t enough action? Are they even watching this season? Season 1 had action in every single episode, no exceptions. This season may have a few exceptions but there is still plenty enough action for those fans who come only for it.

          • This is literally the reason why I like AoT over other hyped anime. The amount of character development, plot, and learning more about their world is what keeps me watching. The action scenes are amazing and that’s only because they’re not overdone like in other anime.

        • I don’t understand what people dislike in the manga for a 3rd season. There are so many well written things there. The development of characters like Levi, Kenny Ackerman, Krista, Hanji etc. and seeing the conflict inside the wall for the first time. Sure it’s less Titan action for those kiddies who only want that but this Anime has such an epic story with twists and turns that still keeps going.

          • i was pretty bored with manga during that period. Doesn’t mean it was bad or unimportant, it was just boring to me while it was being released.

          • Even if I personally really like that story arc, we have to admit that most of the Attack on Titan fanbase is mainly composed of people who just want to see titan action. So for them it’s definitely going to turn them off. But yeah, as different as it will be, I still think that when it will be animated it will be a pretty good season.

          • “Sure it’s less Titan action for those kiddies who only want that…”

            Like Pika said, that’s the problem. A lot of people only watch for the action, just like a lot of people actually LIKE the hours of grunts and shouting that make DBZ a bad show.

        • i really love that arc in the manga, a lot of character development, eren level up and that huge titan. I really like how team Levi redeem themselves…and if you want a smiling Levi (genuine, sincere smile) then its the arc…and Eren x Historia

      • Why wouldn’t there be another season? Your statement is based upon the format they’re using revealing things within the anime as opposed to the slower pace the manga apparently went at (didn’t read it), but this anime must be the most popular anime currently on TV.

        Literally, if I would be a company caring about either viewers or finance, this is the show I would go with. Quitting it after this season makes zero sense. Even if you have some kind of problem with budget you could easily sell this anime to the next company.

        It’s about as logical as cancelling Game of Thrones.

        • nah I think Boku no hero 2 has the title of most popular contemporary anime on TV. I know yous said “must be” in a way that implies doubt but I just wanted to say this because both the shows are epic.

        • Yeah there will definatly be more than 3-4 seasons … they didnt make s2 till 4 years as the manga was a chapter behind the manga when s1 ended therefore i think the anime will be caught up after a few more seasons 5+ if 12 episodes a season… hoping s3 has 24 because from reading the manga shite gets 3x more intense tbh

          • Tbh anyone with a brain pirates Game of Thrones as well. It’s probably more piratable than SNK too, everyone and their mother reposts it.

    • imagine if one of these times 4 years passes for the characters in between the 4 years we wait between seasons…

    • I am sure they will add 12 more episodes in the winter just to keep the hype of the episode 12, which is one of the best episodes so far according to the manga. A lot of animes put a second part because there was a big cliff hanger at the end of the first part, it was the case of Aldnoah Zero.

      • ya the next episode is probably my favorite part of the manga or up there with them for sure damn the 2 more day wait

    • at this rate, I feel like My Hero Academia is taking my attention off AOT big time. Come on what is going on with the author why 12 episodes and not 24 episodes.. My hero academia has more than this season and that hasn’t had many movies and stuff compared to AOT.

  1. And i hoped he will go berserk again like in season 1…
    Even though i knew what it will happen, in season 1 finale the Anime had a different course, with Eren going berserk

  2. dude that episode was the top 1 best that i’ve ever watched in 2017 :d wtf was that , guys does this really have only 12 episodes?

        • Right. Thats if only the animators and production team decide to continue. They might have other stuff that they will work on inbetween and thats why I say its questionable. Hopefully at the end of next week’s episode, they will reveal a little glint of s3 just like they did at the end of s1 for s2 🙂 that would be a good sign

  3. Erwin and Levi are by far the two most badass characters in this show. I put Mikasa and Jean as 3/4.
    Holy shit, how determined Erwin is is unparalleled

    • i agree but w8 for 4 years for the anime i could not resist but holy shit, when erwin screamed, smile titan…. i regret everything -.-

      • I didn’t read the manga. Trust me, these scenes are so much more thrilling. Probably not really worth the four year wait, but personally I think the 4 year wait has made me even more pumped for this season. I hope that these fear mongering comments about not getting a season 3 are all lies =(

  4. Holy crap I don’t even know where to start. Oh I know:

    -> Thank you for subbing yet another episode of my favorite anime!!! <-

    There's so many things I want to say after watching this episode, but where to begin? We now know there's no titan in existence scarier than Mikasa. That stare she had through that opening was scarier than any titan's face I've ever seen. Either 'for' or 'against' Eren seems to be her ultimate moral compass, lmao.

    Erwin completely ignored the titan biting half of his body, could he be anymore badass? Not to mention his strategy to throw a hord of titans onto Reiner. He completely abandoned any form of mental limitation and literally uses anything at his disposal to win. I was a little surprised that he shouted that Eren was humanity's salvation, which is cool for us viewers, but a very dire statement for the leftovers of humanity lol.

    Reiner throwing freaking titans? The coolness of this episode skyrocketed all over the place.

    That titan appearing at the end means that my laptop is probably going to explode next episode.

    Again, people of this website, thank you!!!

    • Read the manga. Everything you say will make absolute sense, like what Erwin says, Mikasa’s bad assery. To you or anyone wanting to start the manga, the source for this episode is from chapter 49. So to continue, start at chapter 50.

  5. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! this is THE torture !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. The manga is not nearly done sooooo does this mean season 3 is coming soon like in a year or so or half a year or is it that there are more eps than 12 on this season ?

  7. Fact that idk if it’s true: it was the hype of season 1 that took the creators 4 years to bring out season 2 also two to three other thing I think but yeah tell me if I’m right cause i don’t really know if this is true

    • Not at all.
      The manga is monthly and has 94 chapters, the newest just dropping. The first season, 25 episodes, adapted the first 33 chapters. At the time the first season ended, the manga was around chapter 50ish. They didn’t have enough material for a 25 episode season two at that time, so waiting was a situation. Not to mention, if they started the second season as soon as the manga gave them enough material, then we’d have to wait 6-7 years for a season 3. This meant that they would wait until the manga is sufficiently ahead of where season 2 would end.
      So, the recent decision to make the seasons 12 episodes was made. Now, instead of adapting 30+ chapters a season, its about 16. Season 2 as it is covers chapter 34-50. Following this pattern, we already have enough material for Season 3 (probably chapters 51-67/68) AND Season 4 (chapters 68/69-85). By this pattern, Season 5 would be 86-101/102. However, due to the heavy confines of chapters 85-89, its likely that Season 4 would end there. Either way, not enough for a season 5 yet for a while.
      Hope this made things clearer. Sorry for the long read!

    • It can be. Its either 12 episodes and a new season with a year or two, or 25 episodes and another 4-5 year wait, and then another 4-5 year wait after that? Less episodes mean quicker the seasons will come.

  8. guys tell me now should i start reading the manga now or what cuz this last episode is going to end in a cliff hanger (i can smell it already) and i cant afford to wait another 4 years for only 12 more episodes.

  9. as i expected… they are going to drag that to the last episode…. and leave the season on that cliffhanger and a few more scenes to build curiosity. it is definitely going till season and perhaps up to 6. oh and if you are or are not a manga reader… you should be really really curious for next ep!! i cant wait!!

  10. I hate that the thing thats gonna happen next episode is what most of us manga readers are here to see and they’ve just dangled it in front of our eyes

  11. if they’re only going to release 12 episodes in this season there better be a third season coming soon 🙁 seriously, attack on titan is too good to be missed

  12. This episode really made up for the last two. The last two episodes didn’t give me that feeling that I had to watch the episode five more times, minus Ymir’s back story scene.

  13. The purple flowers, the tree, the titan- its the same place where even had the dream i the first episode!!!!! OH MY GOD OH MY GOD OH MY GOD!!

  14. God dammit. Reading the latest chapter and then watching this episode where Connie and Jean gave that speech. Gdi. I can’t stop crying. T__T “It wasn’t all a lie.” They all deserved better.

  15. This season is ass. All you people saying you enjoy this season more are either liars or just think you’re better than everyone else “for liking plot and character building” because we’d rather see action after waiting 4 goddamn years!

    • Incorrect opinion is incorrect. You’d rather see action, thats fine. However, the fact that you want to lash out at the better qualities of the series for expanding, the fanbase for enjoying it, and claim that they’re lying or conceited because they don’t agree with you opinion is just wrong.

        • It is. That doesnt mean your perspective on the matter is, though. The series doesnt exist just to sate the action-heads. It has a pkot and everything for a reason. To, well, be a series.
          You only like the action, which means you come for one thing while most come for many. They certainly have more of a right to be upset about people like you than you have to be upset about them.

  16. Shame there are only so many episodes in this season.

    I’ve tried so hard to abstain from reading further in the manga because I wanted to see all the epic titan showdowns in animated form, but now we won’t even get that for another 3-4 years.

  17. You all really have no reason to expect to be waiting four more years. The reason they waited so long is because it was going to be 25 episodes until just recently. With only needing to adapt 12 episodes, they’ll be adapting about 15-16 chapters instead of 30ish. This season adapted chapters 35-51. That means we already have enough material for 4 seasons, whereas if they were 25 ep seasons, we wouldn’t even have enough material for a season 3. We will get anime content much more often now because its less material to adapt and the studio can stay sufficiently behind the manga like they want.

  18. Oh, second to last episode then, ok.
    *intensely cries in the corner*
    *cries even harder when it gets pushed back to 5 years*

    • Except it wont. Shorter seasons mean shorter waits. The decision to make it 12 episodes was made very recently, which is why it took so long to begin with. Theres actually enough material for a season 3 and 4 already in the manga if they’re both 12 episodes. At the time season 1 ended, the manga was JUST at the point in this episode you just watched.

  19. 1 more episode left and still basically no questions answered (we literally just had a 4 way tree top dialogue episode that gave away no information plotwise). I don’t mind not having action, in fact I prefer it, but usually that space is used for things other than speaking in circles.

    I guess I’ll check out the manga, hoping characters and motives are more fleshed out.

  20. … Damn.

    I thought watching this battle in the manga was bad… but to actually seeing it in motion, with blood exploding everywhere?

    Brutal. Just brutal.

  21. *newest episode spoiler ahead*

    Eren falls, looks through the mist with a shocked face
    Me: No??!! Is it??!!
    Smiling Titan appears
    Me: ERMG here comes the rage!
    To Be Continued
    Me: …
    Me: …
    Me: …
    Me: (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻
    Me: Bites hand and becomes a Rage Titan

  22. Did… Did Mikasa almost die? WTF?
    Also: Did none of them think of cutting Eren? At this point they know enough about his power to where they should yell at him to get ready and then cut the shit out of him. Yeah Mikasa would have issues with it but if it was what had to be done she would make herself do it.

    After finishing episode: Holy cow that was a good one! I’ve had a lot of the major crap spoiled for me years ago, but my jaw still dropped at how much happened in this episode. The titan that ate Eren’s mom, I knew it would make a comeback and yet my jaw was down the entire time!

  23. If it was ever in doubt that Erwin was a badass, it’s not anymore. Woooow. That was a very exciting/stressful ep!

  24. I love the creator write now. The same titan that ate Eren’s mom? That’s a fucking troll ass move. And highly respected.

    • He got his hand bitten off; managed to escape from said titan who bit off his arm; managed to free Eren. I’d say he’s a good fighter…just not as good as Levi 😛

  25. So the next episode is the last episode and then we have to wait eternity for a new Season…someone just KILL me and put me out of my misery already

  26. Oh my God Mikasa 😍 When she came up, blasting Ymir’s eyes and scaring the sh*t out of Bertholt 😍 That was priceless, I just wish that she went full genocide mode on them, priceless 😍 You can feel that she had enough and that she’s definetely not afraid of them. And when my baby Armin used his brain and just made Bertholt lose his sh*t hahaha 🤗
    I just want them to became all yanderes and genocide these titans 😭



  29. I see in the comments many people are confused as to why this AOT season is shorter than the last and why there was a huge gap between them. First, AOT Season 2 did not take 4 years to make, it wasn’t even worked on until a year ago, there are numerous projects that every animator has to do on a near daily basis, which brings me to: Second, there are NOT enough ANIMATORS, the number of animators available to work on a studio’s projects is shrinking, their pay is the reason, animators make a poor wage and are overworked, animation schools in Japan are closing. As a result, anime production is declining. The show is immensely popular, and it made plenty at home to fund it’s continuation. The problem isn’t piracy OR popularity, it’s not having enough workers to keep up with the studio’s overwhelming volume.

  30. As far as I remember, when i saw season 1 they didn’t have 24 episodes in one shot,I think they split it up batches of 12 or 13 and they released the first half in the beginning of the year and the second half towards the end of the year.(well with only a 2 week gap)

    I think they’ll do the same with season 2(but the gap will be a bit longer)

  31. As far as I remember, when i saw season 1 they didn’t have 24 episodes in one shot,I think they split it up batches of 12 or 13 and they released the first half in the beginning of the year and the second half towards the end of the year.(with a 2 week gap)

    I think they’ll do the same with season 2(with maybe a 1month gap or something)

  32. well there will be less action n next ep bt there will be a great development for ongoing story which is still not completely explored about in the manga yet.

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