Attack On Titan Season 2 Episode 2 Subbed

Attack On Titan Season 2 Episode 02.
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188 thoughts on “Attack On Titan Season 2 Episode 2 Subbed”

    • I wish I could know what is happening in wall rose and how did the titans passed the wall rose without a report?!?! Maybe The beast titan climb or something?

      • Wall rose isn’t breached. Basically Connie’s whole village got turned into abnormal titans. These titans don’t go dormant during night time like the rest of them. Read the manga. It’s plenty interesting.

      • nope, wall rose has not been breached they didnt climb the wall either, no one knows how, thats why Reiner Brause was curious how the wall was breached (spoiler hint *wink *wink)

        i already know how season 2 will end

  1. I waited a friggin hole year and a half for a cliff hanger.. my favourite now I have to wait 5 more days why you do this funimations

  2. Guys download an app called VRV its in both dub and sub! I just watched it hollllyyyy sh*t

    • and 7 days after every episode it’s the same thing with every anime or even everything on TV.

  3. I’ve been on this website for 3 days straight……… I’m still waiting you know……………. plz hurry up…. I’VE BEEN WAITING TO SEE LEVI FOR 3 DAYS STRAIGHT!!!!!! ;-;

  4. 22 Hours more!!!! I CAN’T FREAKING WAIT!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’M SUPER EXCITED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! KYAAAAHHH!!!!

  5. People have waited 4 years to witness a loved character’s death…he will be AVENGED!

  6. OK Iam done….. I can’t wait for 1week for a 23 minute episode….. So wat i did was instead of waitin i started readin manga

    yep levi is bae

  8. This episode will probably be a higher quality on kissanime but I really don’t have the patience to wait so I might just go ahead and watch it right here and right now.. Hmm

  9. I think it was Beast Titan that threw that little titan! Or maybe that titan is just a kid like eren who tried transforming but didnt go well.

    • Yep. Character development and a plot?! Who’da thunk this series would have that? I mean, all 25 episodes of the first season was humans fighting titans for 23 minutes, right? Whadda fuck is this shit?

  10. i thought the smaller man like titan was a human doing intercourse with the disgusting sounds of *shlick* *shlick* *shlick* 😂😂😂

        • There’s so much wrong with your statement, that I’m gonna give you the benefit of the doubt and assume you’re aware of this but just saying these things to trigger me or something. Well, knowing your wrong about literally every adjective and noun in your sentence is all I need. Enjoy falsely insulting strangers on the internet for yucks. 😋

        • You absolutely should. Start from chapter 32-33. Thats the end of the first season. The anime also added a scene that isn’t in the manga in the season finale of last season, so I say start from 32 just so you see the difference and aren’t left momentarily confused.

  11. Exactly what did you people not like about the episode? It showed great character development for Sasha, who is already an underrated character. I thought the episode was solid and full of heart.

      • Not at all. Thats a rather naive perception of this series. This series has severe plot development and world building. The action is just what makes all the casual fans flock to it.

          • Nope. I won’t. One; because I am no weeaboo, nor am I close. Two; right to free speech and you have no right to be calling someone a weeaboo when you’re more into anime than manga. After all, thats often more of an indicator.
            Do something important with your life other than bashing people on the internet. I am, but you’d foolishly refer back to your incorrect “weeb” remark. Probably because you can’t think any deeper than that, which is also probably why you only look to these series for action.

          • No one fucking cares about what you have to say about this ok. You and your thesaurus can go do things that normal fucking people do like go for a walk or something not just fight with people over a tv show

          • Thats the thing; wasnt “fighting over a tv show.” We were discussing having respect for those who wish to not be spoiled on the content they wish to consume.

            And these “thesaurus” remarks only tell me you have an issue with my diction. Oh well.

            And if its so pointless, why subject yourself to it? You’re bitching at us over being petty, which is more petty then you’re (wrongfully) CLAIMING we’re being.

            Quit being a hypocrite. You’ve objectively done nothing but make an ass out of yourself. Really.

          • im only on here because its literally 11:30 pm where i live i dont waste my day time on the internet unless i have to. I really dont have a problem with your diction I hear it every day from my professors (background info im a student at Brown University studying at the school of Linguistic, Cognitive, and Psychological Sciences getting a bachelors degree in Cognitive Sciences) and i can only stand so much of that. I know i shouldnt take my anger out on you but i just find it irritating. Your absolutely correct about me overreacting about this

          • Well I appreciate you owning up.
            And I also dig that you’re into science.

            People do argue over that stuff, and I camt say I havent, but this was not one of thpse times.

  12. That titan seems some how connected to connie’s mother, maybe this is some kind of hint towards how regular titans are made? idk

    • As a manga reader, I am snickering at this curiosity so hard right now. I know the answer to your question in full detail, and so badly want to answer you, but you deserve to find out of your own volition.

      • I think that monkey titan threw other titans to there? could it be right? 😀 I haven’t read manga so I have no idea.

        • Nope. There may be something kinda like that, though.
          As for the reason the titans are inside the Wall, that’ll be revealed in the next episode or two.

          • can you… shut the fuck up? you think you’re being sneaky or something, but everything you’re saying is spoiling something. what’s the point? just be quiet for the people who still have a sense of wonderment about the plot

          • I think I’m being sneaky or something? Wow. I didn’t know that! Perhaps thats just a wrongful assumption or something? Oh, it is!
            I know what I was saying. It was a soft spoiler for the sake of keeping someone interested who may be losing interest.

            Ya know, I would if you were nicer about it, or even just not rude about it. I’d even delete/edit the post of mine if it wasn’t already, but now if someone asks a question, I will answer said question full on, even if its deleted afterwards.
            The internet isn’t a safe haven for rudeness and no one HAS to look at my posts.

            All in all, my freedom of speech is more justifiable than your abrasive approach on this spoiler matter.

          • As for the abrasiveness, I don’t care at all. I’m communicating fine and you understand exactly what I mean. I’m legitimately irritated by your behavior and I’m making it known.

            If you think saying, “As a manga reader, I am snickering at this curiosity so hard right now,” is free of any implications, then you are delusional. No, it’s not an explicit spoiler, but it redefines expectations STRONGLY.

            The comment section should be a safe space for people who want to discuss the show without people going, “Hee hee hee I know something you don’t and I’m going to strongly hint at it for no reason other than my own self-satisfaction and to show that I’m a cool guy who reads the manga.”

            I can GUARANTEE YOU that saying nothing is better for people who haven’t read the manga than saying ANYTHING at all. I’m completely serious when I say you’re the type of person who needs to be stopped. I appreciate that you like the story, but you NEED to refrain from making these comments that you deem harmless. They are not harmless; they will impact people’s enjoyment of the plot whether you think so or not.

            Also… I don’t understand your comment about “doing it for the sake of keeping someone interested who may be losing interest.”

            1) Who are you to decide that for them? Just because you think SNK is cool doesn’t mean you need to take it upon yourself to pepper the comment section with “soft spoilers” as you put it. Let people figure out for themselves if they are intrigued or not.
            2) Guy you replied to seemed perfectly interested to me. Interested enough to muse on something in the comment section on some random streaming site.

          • Kindness is loudest.

            That initial comment does not fall under the statement I made in my previous one. The way it is perceived is also subjective, because years ago, as an anime only who was on the receiving end of that exact remark by some other internet random, I found it funny. So, that remark being a friendly tease, or an insider joke to other manga readers making fun of anime watchers, or whatever the hell you took it as, is all on how you perceive it.
            It wasn’t me being all “I know something you don’t”. It was me expressing my urge to discuss, but knowing I couldn’t do so honestly, as I was already there once.
            I can get you taking it the way you did, but you misperceived whether you wish to see it as so or not.

            You are right that not saying anything is best. That, however, was not considered by me who posted that initial comment somewhat impulsively.
            You can say “I’m the type of person that needs to be stopped”, but that only furthers my belief that you’ve mislabeled me as one of these “teasing trolls”, or whatever you wish to refer to them as.
            However, again, you’re right that it can leave a negative impact even if not intended, so I’m probably just going to not comment on an episode’s page again just to avoid the reprimanding, even though this is by no means a regular thing for me (making remarks like this).

            I am not in any position to decide that for them. No more than you are in a position to give me a hard time over this.
            I do, however, have the freedom to try and keep them interested when they could be losing some. I’ve seen plenty of cases where people prematurely drop a great series just because something was left to be desired at that moment. When I was younger, even I was silly enough to do such a thing. Again, this isn’t a justifiable reason for this, but its not really an action in need of justification.

            Did I jump the gun on that? Absolutely. Still, here I am, getting reprimanded and ridiculed for that as if it was some socially unacceptable act, when its more so because it personally bothers you this much (either because you hate being spoiled in any manner, or you hate seeing others being spoiled in any manner).

            I get your point. I really do, but if you took a kinder approach, this could of worked out much more smoothly and simply. Of course, you’re rational enough to know that, yet chose this approach anyways, seeing me as some sort of internet demi-villain.
            So, shall you continue this damnation towards me, or just concede? Cause this is as far as we’re gonna get on this matter, bud.

          • No, it is not my perception of your comment that’s the problem. Your comment objectively contained some information.

            At least you agree that saying anything at all can have an impact on people’s perception of the plot. Whether or not you think that’s a good or bad thing is up to you.

            I don’t think you’re a troll, I just think you didn’t think carefully enough before writing what you did.

            I personally don’t care about spoilers, but I think with plots in shows/movies being the way they are these days (always with so much intrigue), everyone deserves a chance at having things not spoiled for them. It’s up to the people with the information to help with that; viewers/readers can’t walk around with their eyes closed and their ears covered 24/7. It’s not really about “freedom of speech” at all. It’s about being sensitive enough to hold your tongue and let others enjoy things on their own terms. Think back on the manga, I’m sure there are MANY people (if not the majority) who thoroughly enjoyed the reveals and would not have wanted even 1 word uttered about them whatsoever, perhaps even including yourself.

            Again, kindness doesn’t really play into the strength of an argument, in my opinion.

          • Yes, but kindness can make a difference between whether it is an argument, a debate/discussion, or merely even a conversation. The tone can make all the difference in the presentation of a topic.

          • ok yall are seriously arguing over a FUCKING ANIME! its just a fucking tv show!! Quit acting like its the end of the damn world

          • Ironic how You’re implying we’re overreacting when we really werent, when thats exactly what you’re doing. Thus far, you’ve made the biggest deal out of this. Calm down, and try again.

          • I just think its funny how people argue over a tv show when there’s a lot better things you could be doing.

          • Stop deluding yourself, you were arguing.
            Advocate spoiled nothing (at least with the initial comment) but is annoying. nuff.

            And by the way you both come across as spineless, beta male, living-in-parents-basements, overreacting, retarded cucks from the perspective of an onlooker.

          • what kinda cool things do you like to do? one of my faves is taking the time to read a comment thread between 2 people and then replying in it. fuckin dope use of time

          • Even now, I find “argument” to be an inaccurate labeling of this conversation. A debate would probably be more accurate. There was no aggression, aside from the opening line of your first comment, no insults. In other words, we were both fairly mature, and I’ve never heard of a “mature argument”.

          • I mean argument as in “a reason or set of reasons given with the aim of persuading others that an action or idea is right or wrong”.

            Not “an exchange of diverging or opposite views, typically a heated or angry one”

          • specifically cause you said safe space kys I read the book and nothing of what he said alludes to jack shit it could still go either way you retard. Sorry if this comment is offensive but it obviously needs to be said if you don’t like it go to your cry room/ safe space or delete this comment to shut me down for expressing my opinion of you and the retardation of your complaint.

          • Justanadvocate i areeg with the other guy you need to stop spoiling shit we dont know so shut the fuck up and dont say what you just did to the other guy i dont give a fuck other people do it to you fucking spoiler who just wants to mess the show up for other p

          • When you read the rest of the conversation between me and “the other guy”, and see that you’re being overly (and wrongfully) assumptive and unnecessarily rude, then I’ll bother to finish reading your post.
            You act like I ruined an entire experience because of an allusion to a reveal.

        • Lol I read manga. I don’t fuck body pillows. Sorry you’re ignorant to the plot and don’t care to, ya know, read the thing that made there be an anime in the first place.

    • Yeah I noticed that too ! I dont know if it’s related to how titans are made but it’s the only link I could find too. Ughhh so many questions I can’t wait 🙁

    • Normal titans are made when the soilder from the mainland injected some kind of formula to the eldians people and left them at this side of the continent. I know coz ive read the manga.

  13. Oh my God there are so many questions that I desperately need to be answered 😭 I can’t waittttt ! Why is this titan like that? 😭

  14. I read the entire manga in like 2 days haha. Pretty crazy, makes me sad that it’s only 12 episodes, the wait for season 3 better not be as long ha

  15. Sasha says “me and that girl”, shouldn’t it be “That girl and I”.

    how long do i have to wait for the dub 🙁

    • dub and screaming titans </3 gotta say, attack on titan has worst dubs ever 😀 I normally like dubs but those screaming titans are just annoying.

  16. Captain Levi is still hurt? And I don’t remember when or how it happened. Can anyone fill me in? Was it the forest when capturing Annie?

    • idk might be from the expedition in the forest when mikasa tried to cut the female titans neck out of anger to save eren and Levi had to save her. ended up damaging his Anke/leg in the process. thats my perspective on it.

  17. What part of the manga is this? so that I can continue reading.. I cant wait no more fam

  18. Awesome! This weeks episode went by waaaay too fast. But it was almost worth it just seeing the preview for next weeks. We saw a mini- 7 foot titan chowing down on that weak legged mother. Maybe he was just a lost NBA player starving? And then that reject Titan lying in the house? Maybe Connies mother? or one of his brothers? Very strange.

  19. This episode left me with more questions than answers. Why is there a titan only slightly taller than my uncle? Why couldn’t Sasha kill it with an axe? I have other questions but those are the ones I feel won’t be answered in an episode or two.

  20. 7 more hours till episode 3 and i can not help to not think that the underdeveloped titan is connies mother they both have blonde hair and yellow eyes and the ribs of his mom the titan are still there does anyone remember when eren turned into a titan and only his ribcage was developed so i think that possibly some humans have titan abilities among the villagers btw im pretty sure that wall rose was not breached the titans came from connies village the titans were once humans but maybe connies mom wasnt able to move and the join the rest of the titans which were once the villagers

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