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Attack On Titan Season 2 Episode 03.
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167 thoughts on “Attack On Titan Season 2 Episode 3 Subbed”

  1. I know people talk about thses other titan because they read manga and want to spoil the show for people who whach it and i think its bullshit

    • The OP of the second season practically spoiled or possibly skewed off the original plot.

      I really don’t think a flying titan whale is suppose to be a part of the original plot, or a T-rex one…

      The time skip in the manga doesn’t even cover the Humanity vs Titans but ‘Humanity vs Humanity’, like World War 1.

      • What are you on about? This season has been amazing so far, the cliffhangers are just as likely to make you rip out your hair as the first season and the suspense kills you each and every week.

      • Actually Attack on Titan is really fucking good in aspects of story detail. If you read the manga and understand everything that is. Naruto however is really damn shallow with its story for the majority.

        • I respect your opinion 🙂 but I have to disagree. Firstly we’re talking about the anime here, not the manga, the first season was the most hyped series at the time, but after watching it, it barely explained anything, in fact, it left some much more questions than it answered, 25 episodes is just not enough, especially knowing that, most of those episodes were boring and second season starts as boring as the first, I’m sorry Naruto Shippuden has some of the best story I’ve ever seen and *the best strategic fights* I’ve seen, AOT to Shippuden is like comparing shit to chocolate, one is amazing and the other is barely average: an overrhyped piece of work that has stunning artwork and animation, beautiful OSTs (2nd OP is one my all time favorites) but an average story, I’m sorry but AOT is 100% overrated.

          • Sounds like all You want is 100% action and 0% plot, lol jk I don’t like the show but I won’t hate on it. And actually the Anime has EVRYTHING to do with the manga because that’s what it was based off just like how Naruto is. People complain all the time about there not being enough of the show or it’s just not good but that’s all a meter of opinion and if their willing to take a chance with the show. And don’t compare AOT and Naruto with shit and chocolate because fucking number 1 I don’t have time to watch 1,000 episodes of ninjas running around and wrecking shit with a walking traffic cone and 2nd AOT for me is perfect because even though it may suck at times I still love the show even though it doesn’t have 5000 episodes and a shit ton of manga to read. It’s perfect, because I get to live while it’s being produced and read it while I go. I repeat. Perfect 🙂 im gonna go laugh at my jokes now ^w^

          • 1000 thousand episodes that tell one of the best stories ever told, it seems to me that you didn’t watch Naruto that’s why you decided to chose AOT over it, when we compare stories Naruto Shippuden wins, when we talk about artstyle / animation / OST’s AOT wins, I care about story, I don’t give a damn about artstyle, but I repect your opinion, and before I forget Naruto has amazing plots better than AOT.

          • I didn’t chose to watch AOT it grew on me like a fungus I didn’t even like the show to start off with but after enough times watching it I just sort of shoved myself into the fandom. I never watched Naruto because I didn’t have the time to start off with, still don’t. I tired with Fairytale but got bored and dropped the show. I never watched Naruto so I don’t have an opinion to base anything but I do know the last episodes where emotional for people. So it’s probably a good story I just don’t have the time to invest in something I may not enjoy personally like I do AOT.

          • You prefer naruto, well, power to you. Naruto has definitely grown on me, but short as it may be, AOT I think has some seriously impacting scenes that naruto cant pull off. Naruto overall has less tension, because you know that significant character deaths are rare. It has more light-hearted themes while AOT has darker ones.That is more or less the substantial difference between them.
            As for the story; naruto has some good arcs but it feels really unfocused at times as it spans over a ~800 episodes. After the pain the villains feel somewhat uninspired. Naruto is definitely a good watch (minus the fillers) but I think it couldve been better had it been more compact.

    • Now I’m just wondering if the friend is okay. It’s almost been a month since this post lol

      I still want pictures though

  2. This episode is going to be really good. Or it’s going to build up to a good part and end before it happens. Either way I’m excited.

    • i hope they acutally do something in this episode. The first 2 where a build up. Want to see all the stuff with Reiner, Berthold, Ymir and Zeke

  3. Am i the only one who comes and check the clock every hour.. what the hell it take so long?? I have an anime channel too Wonders talk check out

  4. **SPOILERS**

    The deformed titan is his mom (somehow). This season you all will most likely learn about the fate of Eren’s dad, his real identity, the identities of 3 titan shifters in Eren’s regiment, who the armored and colassal (i forgot spelling) titans, the beast titan, uhhhhhh. How to become a titan shifter, if you pay attention to the end credits, it basically shows it happening

    • if you mean the Titan in the village with way to little legs and arms then i can say you that the people in that village got transformed into titans by the Beast Titan with a Serum. Thats why it is there. it was Connies house and when his mom got transformed her titan form was deformed. She couldnt get out of there. The titans that hunted after the people where from that village. Thats why the Beast Titan was able to tell them what they should do.

    • Not at all. This is the exact pace that the manga was adapted to the anime in the first season.

      • but volume 9 of the manga was 4 chapters whilst here in the anime they made it 3. And if i am not mistaken 1 chapter usually corresponds to 1 episode. They did kind of squeeze in a bit more scenes in this last episode.

        • Thats not an exclusive rule. Like I said, 25 episodes was made out of 33 chapters. So “usually” doesnt mean “automatically”. At least 4 episodes were made from more than one chapter in season 1.
          This is due to the fact that Volume 9 is very dialogue heavy, and dialogue can be spoken quicker than it can be read, leaving room for more content in those 22 minutes of animation.

    • They really aren’t. The first season turned 33 chapters into 25 episodes. From the looks of it, the anime is going to adapt up to chapter 50 for season 2, so that’ll be 16 chapters into 12 episodes instead of 33 into 25. Same pace of adaptation.

      • This. They are skipping some dialog that happened in the manga, but the important scenes are all coming out in the anime. I find it funny honestly, if they had of focused on all the dialog so many people would be complaining that the episodes are boring. People always complain about something.

        • They didnt “skip” it.
          At this point in the series, events were being displayed out of order for the sake of suspense build up. They’re reorganizing these scenes and spacing them. Thats all. It makes sense too. Many complained about this episode being boring already, so a little more dialogue wouldn’t have made it intolerable.

          • Eh people will complain about everything. I’m just sitting here as a happy manga reader that is thoroughly enjoying the anime adaptation.

          • As am I. Thus far, I have no quarrels eith season 2. Not even its episode count, because its probably better this way.

  5. It’s pretty clear that they are covering a lot of content in these episodes, but god damn I loving it. The end of this episode made for the next part to be amazing and also end at the next cliffhanger.

  6. episode 4 will be insane
    gotta wait 6 fckin days D’:

    What u guys think about that monkey titan? o.o i dont really get the point of that its scaring me

    • i think he can command creatures or something, in the intro you can see him running with beasts

        • He CAN control them but the intro is a metaphor and theres no actualy beast like those its more of saying “hey this guy is the beast titan and is connected and shiz”

      • No its a metaphorical part the series OP. The metaphor is that they are all connected. That’s the metaphor.

    • Most titans are rather simplistic in their titan form, he possesses knowledge while still in it, therefore he’s a powerhouse that is also very clever and can use reason unlike the mindless titans elsewhere.

      • The last episode the beast titan was studying their vertical maneuvering equipment like it was the first time he had seen it. So maybe he’s not from inside the walls?

      • hes most likely a person , it common sense, for him to be smart enough to study the vertical gear and be able to strategise an attack with the Titans he controls he has to be a person, if not he’s the smartest titan in the whole series ……….

        • Titans are all humans, they lose consciousness though and follow simple goals while they are in Titan form. Did you not watch the first season? The fact that he’s able to retain his intelligence and somewhat consciousness is what is special about this Titan. So yeah, he is really smartest Titan we have seen so far.

    • yeah episode 4 gonna be awesome, but ep 5 really gonna be insane i can bet. You will see something that was shown in the trailer, go watch the AOT season-2 trailer, in the beginning there is a place which looks like this castle. Watch that clip carefully you might notice something interesting 😉

      PS: I don’t wanna spoil things but if you read the manga, you will know everything before hand, and note it’s manga is not yet completed. But the amount of content it has now, is enough for a Season-3. We are not even half way to the manga yet

    • Maybe he is connected to eren somehow. He commands titans. And why there is titans in the wall while there was no breach. Also now he is getting outside the wall.

  7. I like the slow story build-up but if we’re only getting 12 episodes then maybe things should speed up a bit… Can’t wait for Eren to bust that beast titan’s a**

    • compared to the manga this isnt a slow build up and i think a few bits got left out (as usual) but the way they progress it is well done and makes it seem like that for sure 😛 if i remember they have covered about 10 chapters by now 😛

  8. I couldn’t wait anymore! I’ve started reading the comics. But even still, watching these episodes is amazing!

  9. reiner is armored titan. bertholdt is colossal titan. ymir is dancing titan. Zeke yeager is erens brother and is the beast titan. Erwin dies. Armin dies but becomes colossal titan. Everyone suck a fat cock

  10. So I’m at the part where they’re in the darkness heading towards the wall.

    1. I thought titans didn’t hunt at night.
    2. Who thought it was a good idea to have a torch lighting you up when the surrounding area is pitch black? Why don’t they spread out so they can see a greater area?

    I’ll likely have more to add as I watch.

    • Damn I didn’t know I’d be able to add this quickly. There is female jesus! She said “If only we had some moonlight.” And the moon comes out. “LET THERE BE LIGHT!”

  11. Ok this confirms it… The titans taking orders from the beast titan (thus understanding speech) in the previous episode, no hole in wall rose and now this strange titan lying on Conny’s house. There’s only 1 explanation: the beast titan has the means or the ability to turn people into titans. This strange blond titan is most likely Conny’s mother. Yellow eyes just like him, trying to speak to him and welcoming him home… His method is still imperfect, though, as it can produce failed specimens like Conny’s mother or the little titan with the weird head (this one is still functional, though). In any case, this is a pretty terrifying development.

    PS: at anyone who’s read the manga: please don’t spoil this for us anime fans and let us speculate. This is part of the fun.

  12. I think eren could beat the beast titan if he learned more skills like hardening and stuff because it looks like beast titan doesn’t really have any special abilities other than being really big

  13. i like it that that they are covering allot of stuff in episodes and by the end of season they could be close to where manga is well havent read manga in few mounths but given its 1 chapter per mounth i doubt i missed much

  14. I read the manga and basically there are these “powers” that manifest in humans, but it’s mostly unrelated to the titans because the powers can be anything. Some have the power to make others fall in love, some have the power to command a person to do anything they want, and others have the power to cancel out other powers. Theres also a notebook that if you write the persons name in it they will die. I hope no one cares about these spoilers but thats how it is.



    . Can’t wait 😆😆😆 TO SEE U RAGE

    • Also if you think I’m lieing just think how can a fucking titan control other titans and how does it know how to speak in full sentences and understand human knowledge it must’ve been a human before and has lived with titans for a long time (season 1) now it comes back (season 2) to ruin everybody’s fucking lies gg beast titan u made us all have nightmares now 🙂

  16. I have not read the mange but based on this episode, the Titans thing feels like a cult thing gone wrong. Everyone in Conny’s town has turned into Titans, but his mother got left behind. The priest has important information he is probably embarresed about to tell.

  17. Wait Titans can’t move at night then couldn’t just people to seal the wall in Maria to begin with in Season 1?

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