Attack On Titan Season 2 Episode 4 Subbed

Attack On Titan Season 2 Episode 04.
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Season 2 Episode 04 of the TV Anime Series Attack On Titan



Season 2 Episode 04 Subbed:

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285 thoughts on “Attack On Titan Season 2 Episode 4 Subbed”

    • Don´t know why, but I think that it wouldn’t be a fight at all… I belive that the Ape Titan is gonna be very important for the story, and they sure will meet and have some sort of talk!

    • Well, the very 1st man to cut that BEAST TITAN into pieces is Capt. LEVI alone, easy task for him though…

  1. well its not an ape titan
    Its called the ”Beast Titan”
    Beast Titan can talk,throw large boulders and control any titan

  2. Guys are you kidding me the 1 season is out on the 2014 year. 3 Years for 4 episodes WTF?

  3. focken release it we all know its all subbed and done but you r just 2 lazy to do it or u r an ahole

    • You do realize that it’s broadcast on Japanese TV first? Until it’s broadcast, NO one has access.

  4. I have 2 questions 1: Why dose it take 6 days. Is it because the episodes you make take long to process.
    2: Can you make the days shorter if you can.

  5. all i know is armin and ymir are going to turn into a titan in this season 2 but i really really want to watch that time happened

  6. Jesus fucking christ, these links are shit. Every 5 seconds the video stops for an advertisement.

  7. omg… so we now have double titan power with Eren and Ymir in the squadddd.. my ghaddddd who else issss?

    • but it will probably take more time for her to come back, because she either died or just stayed back for a while because she needs time to do other stuff that just happend.

    • I agree fuck this episode, HUGE waste of time, the show had already alluded to the fact that she was a titan, it was made blatantly obvious yet the show decided to waste our time by making her an undecisive, heartless bitch who watches her comrades die while she has the power to save them and acted as though her transformation was some kind of earth shattering plot twist.

  8. Man fuck this episode, it was made blatantly obvious that she was a titan in episode 3 yet they had the audacity to spend half the fucking episode alluding to that. All I wanted to see was her transformation. All I want to know is what titans are. Why some people can transform. What happened to the fucking wall. I don’t give two shits about this stupid bitch and how she’s so unwilling to fight that she’d rather watch her comrades die than transform into a titan to save them.

    4 fucking people died before this dumb bitch transformed. She wasn’t the most likeable character before but I HATE her now. And now I have to sit through an episode about her and some stupid promise she made when next week’s episode comes around? Wtf is this shit?

    • Wow. Everyones so judgemental and quick to jump to the “This doesn’t make sense”. As someone who’s where Season 5 would be in the manga, I can say it makes plenty of sense. Now calm down. Also, desire to learn about some other things in the series, or your interest will not hold. The series is not all about what the titans are. I can pretty much tell you everything you want to know if thats truly all you care about.

    • dude calm down… it took them years to find the good quality and gaphics, opening, and the actions they make.

      • I don’t care how long it took them or what the manga author and anime staff went through. I care about the finished product.

        Those things do not make the product good, 1 million hours can go into an anime and it can still be shit. You sound like one of those halo cucks who tries to defend the first game in the series by saying that the game was rushed, I don’t fucking care if halo 1 was rushed, that dosen’t change the fact that I suffered through playing one of the most poorly designed levels in all of video game history, and that most of the latter half of that game is just running through levels from the previous half of the game. Its shit.

    • Her backstory is much more gruesome and horrifying so taking that she only fends for herself and Christa*wink* is understandable. Don’t just to conclusions just yet. But those details wouldn’t be released till season 3 or 4 depending on how they do the seasons. Unless you decide to read the manga you will remain with no answer and a hate for no reason at all. Basically if I could sum it up without giving spoilers. She’s in a different territory trying to blend in with everyone else. And she knows a language that no one else knows.
      Just read the manga you will have zero tears to shed after that, the manga will run you dry.

        • Dude I said what was in the episode. And other people said it themselves stop being so high strung. For someone like Ymir to be the way she is she’d have to go through gruesome stuff. Lord. And I said zero spoilers. The show is gruesome itself. Shouldn’t be a surprise or a spoiler at all.
          👌This close to unleashing my inner petty lol

          • Plus it’s all my opinion on the show itself. Why you gotta say I spoiled it. I’ll show you spoiled if you wanna know.

    • well judging from the conny thing, erins dad, the other transforming titans and the wall it seems like titans are just people made into titans, probably some experiment that went wrong or something- eren’s dad was probably on the research team with annies dad, and the ymir bitch was most likely used as a research subject too, then all that information and research is probably in the basement and most likely theres someone- probably someone who can transform that is making all of these people into titans, not quite sure on the reason yet. also by the looks of it ymir is the one who ate reiner and bertholds friend, dunno why or wtf happened there but we will probs find out.

      • That would probably explain her reluctance to transform in front of them then, thanks for the info!

    • I just love this anime so im just letting what happens happen. But if Levi, Eren anyone else dies im acc going to cry

    • This might just be my theory, but u remember how Eren wasnt able to transform in a well or underground against Annie when it really mattered? Some Titans seem to require sunlight to transform. Just like in this episode, at the moment of sunrise she did it.

  9. The media could not be loaded, either because the server or network failed or
    because the format is not supported. WHAT DO I DO!!! plz help me

  10. Couldn’t she have done it earlier? She could’ve easily saved the 4 soldiers. Man this show can be just stupid.
    Edit: Also Reinhardt and his buddy are titans, too.

  11. Happy af, but i gotta wait 7 days more for episode 5 to come out? Daaaaamn. The pain is real. And that cliffhanger though!

  12. At this point it will take 20 fucking years to finish the anime. We currently have 92 chapters but the anime is only at the 38…That’s sad because everyone really loves the animation ! It would be so great to have the anime completed in a few years and not on hold forever

    • This is very true..Also this season has only 12 ep….before they finish anime everyone would’ve read manga….WTF

      • I read the Manga within a week. So yeah people could have gotten up to date with the manga before the Next episode would even be released

  13. that’s how to finish a fucking episode?! Damn it now I need the next episode now I can’t fucking wait for so long to see it!! I knew Ymir was a titan fuck the guy who spoilered it to me! That wasn’t a surprise anymoreee!!! And Reiner ‘gotta marry her’ hahahah hilarious! Oh well now I have to wait another fucking week for the next episode…

    • by the talks of them i guess Reiner and Berthold are titans too. Probably colossal and armored titans. Look how terrified Berthold was when Reiner got bitten.

      • You can’t say things like this😱 If it’s gonna happen I will kill you during the night😂 No seriously I would be shocked…

        • plenty of people have speculated this due to their relations with eachother and Annie aswell the hair color of the armored but i wont outright say it as they could be wrong (even tho i know ima just keep it secret for you guys :P)

      • for the fucking sake !! of course he will be fucking terrified !!! if you were at his place won’t you be terrified ??

    • you answered the fucking question yourself !!! they make you watch the freaking exciting ending for you to be fucking hyped for the next one !!! and thats how they gain profits from the first day of the release of an episode


  14. OH. MY. GOD
    I WAS LITTERALLY SCREAMING. I won’t be able to wait anymore THERE’S TOO MUCH THINGS GOING ON. Can’t wait for Mikasa and Eren to return. Askfjkfjg.

    Plus she looks like the titan who ate Reiner’s and Bertolt’s friend. No like for real… I’m frustrated right now guys. Can’t wait.

    • Well…. they all have one language within the walls. So knowing another language must mean you are not from that place. Right? Put the pieces together it’s not so hard.
      Plus Reiner seems to know something so *WUNK WINK*

  15. Ohhhh myyy fcking cliffhangerrrrssss!!!!!!!! I waited 7 days and only got 30 minutes in exchange?!!!! How come!

    • Just remember the people from the first season did have many issues its just that our main cast has a fairly strong will and people like Levi are just use to it all are desensitized to it. Then theres people like Eren who use all the horror to further strengthen his will to defeat the titans

  16. Damn Reiner! You held the door shut with a titan bashing the other end and carried a titan with it eating your arm to a window. All I could say was “Kick it! Idiots!”

  17. Reiner probably caught a glimpse of Christa’s snatch since she probably doesn’t have any underwear on, so he said GOTTA MARRY HER….>.>

  18. I knew Ymir would do that. I made the mistake of joining an Attack on Titan Fan group. None of the identities are a mystery for me anymore. Quite sad honestly.

  19. I’m so hyped up when Ymir jumpes and turned into a titan, but THE CLIFFHANGER GOD DAMMNIT!!!! I already know what will happen because I still keep on reading the manga, BUT THE CLIFFHANGER FOR THIS EPISODE IS JUST!!!!!! ARRHH!!! (breaths) gonna wait for another week…

  20. whats w/ the spoilers!!!! if you want to know what people are titans you can find a video showing all 9 titan changer people. (most are spoilers from manga). oh, and can someone tell me why in the credits it shows that mosaic of what I’m guessing are titans bowing to a giant female titan. Is it their queen or (what I am calling) a Gaia. I have lost sleep trying to figure out that damn mosaic (also why is that song playing during the credits; so damn creepy)!!!!

  21. I’m so mad they shouldn’t wait seven days to release the next episode! They should do like every 2 days if the episodes are all done! Every 3 days max…or just don’t end on a cliffhanger!!

  22. Sometimes I want to go to the titan world but I know that once I’d be there I’d probably be hiding in a cave 24/7

  23. eren is fighting the wrong enemy,he shouldn’t be fighting what’s outside the wall but what’s inside,humans created titans…’s a battle of humans using titans and the titans are human sacrifices by the ways lel

    • Your spoiling it for people so “the beast titan is erens older brother that was born more than 100 years ago”

      Hows that spoil for you 😭

  24. Rip Gelgar and Nanaba. You fought hard. It’s hard to watch someone die so afraid and helpless. At least Gelgar was out before he was eaten alive. I cant imagine the horror Nanaba went through.

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