Attack On Titan Season 2 Episode 5 Subbed

Attack On Titan Season 2 Episode 05.
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166 thoughts on “Attack On Titan Season 2 Episode 5 Subbed”

  1. Another killer cliff hanger ): Now we have to wait another 7 days for the next one. You’ve got to be kidding me xO

    • This is comeplete bullshit they didnt do anything special all we got was Ymir is a titan which i already knew.Come on they need to push out more content like they did season 1.Stop procrasting it makes me lose interest when i have to wait a whole week for something like this.Please do better.

      • Dude stop whining. Its a good anime non the less and plus they might be working up a storm for season fucking 3. How about dat?

          • yes, according to the manga this episode covered ch-41. And the manga is currently on ch 93 & it’s still not finished.

            So season 3 is confirmed.

            BTW i have read till ch-91 so i can provide spoilers anytime ;P but for the sake of others i didn’t do such stuff

          • Thank you! It’s great! I just hope that the 3rd season will not take 5 another years to come ahah
            Good, finally one who knows respect ahah

          • Just because there’s enough manga content for a season 3 doesn’t mean there’s gonna be a season 3 you moron.

            Also, you could spoil it but then that would make you a total dickhead now wouldn’t it.

      • Do you know how long it takes to animate manga to anime?
        it takes a hella a fucking long. Atleast they gave up something to watch. They needed to thing what arc would keep us entertained during the mean-time so they gave up an arc which had 12 episodes. So stop fucking complaining and fucking deal with it.

          • lol what’s your problem? There are so many impatient people demanded more content which they are watching for free, don’t side with the entitled assholes who think that they are OWED something for nothing.

      • Are you fucking kidding me?
        Have you forgotten that you’re watching this for free?????
        “Please do better.” piss off.

      • chill out a bit mate, they are building a strong series here, if they rush it for inpatient fanboys like you then there wouldn’t be any decent content for later seasons, I prefer quality over quantity at this point.

      • If you really think that’s a problem then tell the people who actually make the videos not the people who post it

    • Reiner is the armoured titan and bertholt is the colossal, now theres no reason to wait. You’re welcome, oh yeah spoilers

      • it’s hard work making anime, and we are watching it for free, just chill out and be happy with what we are getting.

  2. I hate shows that put a cliffhanger at the end of EVERY SINGLE EPISODE! You have to take a break SOMETIMES!

  3. this is anime wtf is all this cliff hanger stuff ad with a shorter season then season 1 they should really get into quicker

  4. Spolier Alert

  5. Why did they skip a week?… something special going on in Japan?.

    I like to think that I have at least a little common sense, thinking about it I realize that surely they can’t possibly be trying to make this episodes as they go, on a weekly basis, they probably had at least half the season completed by the time they aired the first episode (if not the whole darn thing), so why hold episodes back?, It can’t be to build up any kind of “suspence”, that would be stupid, this causes nothing but frustration to viwers.

    With all that being said, I really am just curious as to why they didn’t release an episode this week, thats all, they should say something.

    I lose interest in animes that do this type of thing, skip episodes, take long season breaks or fill the series with excessive amounts of fillers, take Naruto for example, I never went back to watching it after everyone got wrapped up in cocoons and the filler episodes were endless, freaking episodes with people dreaming inside a dream about having a flashback and flash backs where they had flashbacks within the dream, seriously?, they should call it the inception Arc lol… that did it for me, I been watching Anime since I was a kid, now I am an old man compared to probably the majority of the anime audience, I got work and family and things to do so it is very easy to lose my attention and either I will forget about the anime or move on to other stuff.

    Thats my rant of the day… sorry folks.

  6. please wait. 5 episodes coming soon there was a small change in episode 5 will be much better and more interesting. and a lot of things will change.

  7. fuck guys got info from season 2 we get only 6 episodes. Only God knows when it will end. (Info-I do not know whether it’s true)

    • why? noone died in it! well we saw Armin’s awesome titan shifter form!!!!!! the titan that ruined their lives in the beginning is now Armin. above that Mikasa married Eren

      • Seriously? I reread the manga but I don’t find anything about Mikasa married Eren. Where did you get that info?

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    • Would you rather have the story rushed and not match up with the manga just so it’s faster? It would end in a failure like most anime that don’t follow the manga.

  9. I do not get why the fridge are they stalling?
    They could have finished this episode with the revelation that will come next episode. That would have been a brilliant cliffhanger. Most people would have cracked their screens and at least have had a week to get a new screen. What will happen when they break their screen mid-episode next Saturday?

  10. Lads stop complaining about the pace it’s grand yo and there’s a thing called character development which none of ye seem to have heard of?? You’re all just too impatient😂

    • Will he tho? remember Ymir doesn’t die in the manga when they try to “steal” Eren. If the story is shifting away from the manga, we don’t know what will happen.

  11. People just don’t get why there is less Episodes this time around. They have less animators now doing Anime now, people are moving on from the anime scene in Japan. So many anime that once had like 24 Eps per season are now having 10 to 12 Episodes for any season after that. Read an Article about Season 2 of why there is only 12 Episodes for it. People need some patients in their life and stop whining. Be happy there is even another season.

    • There will be a 3rd season? Really?
      And it’s weird that there are less animators in Japan, I mean anime is a huge business there

    • ” Be happy there is even another season.” What a stupid sentence. Attack on Titan (Anime) had an enermous success. So big that it surprises many people that they don’t go full berserk with the series. “People need some patience in their life and stop whining” What’s wrong about questioning something unpredictable and weird like this?

  12. What stretched out episode. The pacing is really slow. Well done attack on titan.. or maybe not.

    • I thought it was pretty good. Didn’t add a ton to the story, but a decent episode non-the-less. Still the best anime going right now.

  13. im starting to loose interest in this. the whole thing couldve been done in halve an episode. season 1 was better in my opinion. they better make a strong comeback after this.

    • Totally, it took 2 episodes to /spoiler/ learn that Ymir was a titan and her promise with Historia /spoiler/ so yeah, knowing the fact that the ‘soft’ scenes last like ~8 minutes in a 24mn episode, it’s pretty annoying.

  14. Ok great but knowing that there will be only 11 episodes, they could at least stop putting long ass slow scenes and put a lot of longer ‘action’ scenes

    • because there as so many of you complaining about the same thing…

      how entitled can you be? you are watching this awesome show for free and you still want more? I hope you aren’t so impatient in real life.

      They are working hard to build a solid story line and not to rush out content for people who hardly appreciate it anyway. The “slow and boring” scenes are needed as they work with the action, if it were all action the story would have no depth and it wouldn’t be worth watching at all, the entire reason there are so many people “demanding” more is that they have invested a lot of time into building an amazing world. just chill out.

      • That’s not the point.
        The point is that we have been waiting for 5 years, so yes the slow scenes are important but I think we’ve had enough. When the episode last 24 minutes with 1m30 opening 1m30 ending we don’t want to lose that much time. It’s not the fact these scenes are “boring”, it’s that they could be shortened and thus, give more time to the action scenes.

      • They are working hard to build a solid story line….? Is that a joke?
        The manga is so far ahead they dont have to build any more story. This season could/should have netted at least 20 episodes. There is FAR more than enough content in the manga to produce 20 episodes for season 2, and still far more for another season after that..

        If we are complaining about anything its the fact as a fan of the manga since 2010, we had to wait 4+ years for another 12 episodes. You cant seriously tell me that is “impatient”.

        4 years… for 12 episodes…. and we are impatient.
        I get the feeling you are a new fan, because if you waited this many years like the rest of us you wouldn’t be singing the same tune.

      • “you ARE watching this for FREE”

        Well I have to pay rent, electricity, internet just to have a working PC so that’s not really free.
        They also make a ton of money off this series, you act like they are doing it for us out of their own good will and not earning any money. This is a paycheck to them, not a gift for us.

        And just to clarify further, nothing in life is free young one, guess you’ll learn that eventually.

        • That was a ridiculous strawman argument.
          How much of your rent and bills goes to creators?
          Find the answer below!





          • Just to be clear you said “ultimately you are watching for free”
            Ultimately means “finally; in the end or at the most basic level.”

            At the most basic level I do in fact have to spend money to watch the show so no it is not “free”. Also I never said my rent/bills pays them so why did you even bring that up?

            I will however say I have every printed copy of the Manga to date as well as the dvd/bluray copy of the first season. + a lot of other random stuff, wings of freedom sweater etc.
            I have given that company a fuck ton of money.

            So “ultimately” I’m not watching it for free. Its costing many things including money so why dont YOU shut the fuck up?

            p.s I don’t think you know what a strawman fallacy is.
            My first comment was no where near being a strawman fallacy.
            You said it was “ultimately free” I proved you wrong.

          • Oh come on do I have to explain this to you like I would to a child?
            Or do you get a kick out of pathetic online squabbles?

            I don’t have the time to criticise every stupid point you made so I’ll just address the most pertinent misconception I think you have.
            The context of my original comment was that ‘ultimately’ Sanaja was watching AOT completely for free online and so wasn’t in the position to whine because she did not contribute to the salaries of the people who created the anime through purchases of the anime itself or related merchandise.

          • You dont have time to “criticise”? What does criticise mean, I assume you mean criticize right? The real reason you wont criticize “every stupid point” is because there’s nothing to criticize. It was a valid argument that you cant defeat. The fact you don’t even know middle school vocabulary tells me I should be the one explaining this to you like a child.

            If she waited the past 5 years for this the same as me, I am willing to bet she has spent money that has directly contributed to that’s studios success. You ASSUMED she hasn’t done anything to contribute to their salaries.

            I guess I shouldn’t feel the need to criticize someone who cant even spell ‘criticised’ but I already destroyed all your pitiful arguments.
            Maybe you should just step out already.

            I proved its not free like you said, and just roasted the fuck out of you because you assumed just because we watch this online when its published means we dont support the company financially. If they played it on public TV I wouldnt use the internet to watch it but this is the ONLY way we can get it in the US when its first released.
            So I guess Ill repeat, why dont you shut the fuck up?

            Take your baseless “free” argument as well as assumptions elsewhere.

          • ‘Criticise’ with an ‘s’ is the preferred British spelling.

            When I said free I meant it in the sense that she does not need to pay to watch the show. Honestly how is that not obvious?

            Stop trying to be a white knight, kid.

          • Free for you but what about those who will buy the series. I like collecting anime but if I have to pay a lot for unnecessary drama… No thanks. That’s the first time I’ve skipped a scene in a series to be honest. Then again I think we complain because they raised the bar high from the outset (season 1) so now we want more. And drama is good when it’s relevant so I don’t mind more as long as it moves the storyline forward.

          • So far the anime is mirroring the manga almost exactly.
            No scene is unnecessary, everything is a part of the story; there is 0% filler.
            I’m very curious to know what scene you skipped.

          • I skipped at the beginning (krysta and Ymir’s backstory) because I found it was one flashback too many–I’m lazy I know.

          • If you don’t like it don’t buy the series? I doubt anyone will straight out buy the series without having at least watched it online for free for once. And like the person below me stated, this follows the manga. So basically if you whine about additional scenes you are complaining about…the story? Makes no sense.


            Above is the definition of criticise, dumbass. Don’t act like a Grammar Nazi if you don’t even know what is criticise. You are watching this show for free, just like everyone else. You don’t pay subscription fees, do you?

            Please do your own research before judging or even try to correct someone’s spelling. Have a nice day jackass.

    • Why don’t you make your own anime instead of criticizing the production team or better yet, don’t watch it at all. Stop complaining and just watch it. smh

  15. it is really annoying i watched season 1 and whats out of season 2 in the past 24 hours and now i want more… season 1 way way better than season 2 the way the story was cast was interesting expecting better although this is not bad so far do a better job and please try to release episodes faster the waiting is killing me

    • dude, how entitled can you be? you are watching this awesome show for free and you still want more? I hope you aren’t so impatient in real life… jesus….

      • Dude stop copying and pasting your comment, I agreed with what you said the first time but now you are saying the same thing everywhere and it just makes me think that you’re looking for an argument. I love this show and don’t have any complaints from my end, but nothing is immune to criticism. A lot of the comments are whiny but some of the comments were just giving small criticisms.

    • She doesnt die in the Manga, so if she is “dead” (cause the ending wasn’t really clear) then this is where the anime decides to shift and makes the future alot more speculative.

  16. whats the name of the OST that starts playing in the next week episode preview? The one that sounds like opera

  17. I guess by the pace they are going they will end season 2 with the discovery of the Basement.
    Even before that when Erwin Dies & Armin becomes the …… :p no more spoilers

  18. I try to not watch season 2 and wait till the eps are all released but its sooooooooooooooooooooooooo awesome and cool that i can’t just wait i have to watch and now i have to wait but i have made it even worse because now i see the cliff hangers and i now cant even wait at all but if im sooo impatient i could probably just buy the blue rays but wel yeh idk it will help the makers but I’m just a kid and don’t have toooooo much money but I can buy it if I’m really impatient

    • And btw

      The makers are not a professional studio and don’t have much money but for the money that they have they are awesome they are getting it from the manga so they can’t bring a new season out every year or so and they are doing 12 ep because that will bring more money and maybe if enough merchandise and blue rays are sold than they will bring out a season faster because then they will have money to do so but idk if what I’m saying is gonna happen and if it’s even true but ya know congrats to the makers for this awesome anime sorry for bad spelling (I’m Dutch)

  19. Why people in anime keep constantly pausing while something gets seriously? I dont see people in real doing that.

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