Attack On Titan Season 2 Episode 7 Dubbed

Attack On Titan Season 2 Episode 07 DUBBED.
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You are watching Attack On Titan Season 2 Episode 07 DUBBED.
Season 2 Episode 07 of the TV Anime Series Attack On Titan English Dubbed

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49 thoughts on “Attack On Titan Season 2 Episode 7 Dubbed”

  1. oh man,
    the 6th episode sure had an cliffhanger.
    im so exided for the 7th.
    I could watch it with sub but evenso english is not my motherthug, i realy like the dub.

    • Read my big ass comment down below I’ll try my best GOOD LUCK TO ALL OF YOU, MAY WE BE REUNITED WITH EPISODE 7 ONCE MORE

  2. OH MY, OH MY, OH MY. Does eren do it in time? Has the collosel titan died? Will all titans survive? SO MANY QUESTIONS!! Also is it sunday every week that the dubbed version gets dropped??

  3. Ended in another cliff hanger but that’s kinda par for the course at this point, and I got my rad fucking titian fight including rad titian arm bars and titian grapples so I’m content.

  4. this show makes me so hard i furiously masturbate to it and i cum weekly. the only reason i haven’t killed myself yet is because of this show.

    • Yeah I just wish it was delivered better. I don’t even know what he said right before it. Batman and Bane are easier to understand.

    • In a lot of cases the English dub script is superior to the sub script, one of the reasons why I kinda prefer the dub

      A prime example is Armin’s appeal to Captain Vormin (sp?) in S1

  5. I have no idea what it is, but the english dub is just soooo bad… I can’t understand what Eren is saying half the time and the voices don’t fit with how any of the characters look, its just… bad. Sorry to all dub watchers but its true. I think its better if you just watch sub and learn to read subtitles and watch and the same time.

    • Why bother commenting that ? Ppl have their own preferences and if we like the dub then we can’t watch it no ones forcing you too.

    • I don’t mind the voice actors so much as the voices they put on. I’m sorry but Erin’s thinking voice when he’s in the titan is so bad and the distortion effect they put on is garbage. He is really hard to understand in this particular episode. I feel like they could do so much better if they just stopped trying to make him sound so edgy. I hate when they change the dialogue too when they don’t need to. Like Reiner wasn’t his hero he just looked up to him. There wasn’t even a need for an extra sentence there he’s not supposed to be saying anything into Mikasa’s attack.

    • Didn’t used to be this bad. They totally botched the Armored Titan fight with Eren growling like a lunatic like he’s losing control of his sanity

      Couldn’t help but laugh when he called Reiner a “Son of a betch!”


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