Attack On Titan Season 2 Episode 7 Subbed

Attack On Titan Season 2 Episode 7 Subbed

Attack On Titan Season 2 Episode 07.
Watch Attack On Titan Season 2 Episode 07 in High Quality HD online on
You are watching Attack On Titan Season 2 Episode 07.
Season 2 Episode 07 of the TV Anime Series Attack On Titan

My Hero Academia

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373 thoughts on “Attack On Titan Season 2 Episode 7 Subbed”

  1. just did a binge watch…. another damn week! just casually chuck in there about being the armoured and colossal titans lol. so. many. questions

    • haha, yeah ikr? just chucked it out so casually XD! Makes you wonder who else could have a titan form, as well

  2. never noticed the distinction between reiner and the armored titan x-x some crazy shit is gonna play out in the next episode

    • lucky me i seriously didnt know. i was having nerdgasms while the last episodes came to an end i was like OHHFFERRRKMMERRRRGEERRRRD URRG
      then i cried alittle.

    • I had all of the identities spoiled during the 4 year season 2 wait. I made the tragic mistake of joining a fan group. Also it was blatantly obvious, Bertholdt is tall and looks exactly the same as the colossal titan with skin and Reiner is the football titans blonde lookalike.
      But even though I knew they did a good job of making the scene suspenseful, I honestly didn’t know that it would happen that fast.

    • i KNOOOOOOW! SOOOO much has happened since they told them they were the armoured and colossal titans! I cant wait to the current manga issues in the anime!!

          • Technicallly, when you watch a movie, its a moving picture. Since mangas are more illustration than text, i dont see why one wouldnt be able to ‘watch’ a manga

          • Its not a moving picture. It is more like multiple pictures replacing each other. It is true that mangas are more illustration than text but you wouldn’t understand anything by just watching it. you will mostly need to read it. Correct me if i’m wrong

          • I watched some of it on YouTube, it’s much better than reading it without soundtrack or any effects. I don’t know if we can call this watching or it is still called reading XD

          • Ymir, I have a question. When you ate Reiner’s friend, your teeth weren’t sharp, but when you were protecting your friends from the Titans, your teeth were sharp! How do you do that?

  3. I already knew they were from season 1, just figured it out by watching and then looked it up and other people thought the same thing

    • Can’t wait till i get book 21 and book 22 comes out… But the fights are cooler in anime instead of manga by far.

  4. Let me not lie I knew reiner was the armoured titans but husband friend the colossal did not see that coming

    • People ask this every week xD When it goes live, it’s going live for the people in Japan, not for all of us on the internet- so there are no subs when it airs.
      There are amazing people who translate the entire episode after it’s gone live and then update the links on this site about an hour to an hour and a half later, so that is when there are subs.

  5. well, previous episode was mostly one chapter. So i think every episode is about 1 or 2 chapters at most i think

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  6. Well consider the fact you destroyed his hometown and killed his mom then the answer would be YES. You’re going down you traitor SONUVABITCH!

  7. Having a tough time getting the video player to work, they all say ‘video not found’ for me. I’ll try again later, enjoy all I’m sure this ep will be sweet!

  8. can someone help me? my fidget spiner is not spinning because the metal part got rusty, i tried one method of taking the rust of metal things but it didnt work, any tips?


          • Actually, Isayama asked the animators to do that. He wanted to add it in manga too. So yeah, it’s basically canon 🙂

          • If that were the case then why hasn’t it appeared on the manga. Eren is already close to his expiration date and yet nothing. He never acknoledged that crap in the manga.

        • Im trying to tell you that that wasnt a “mode”. Firstly, it was anime-only, so its non-canon. Secondly, he didnt “transform” or “activate”. He was extremely angry, and as well as healing, so the heat the emits from the Titans regeneration was more than usual, which led to Eren setting on fire.
          Any questions?

    • If you are referring to his ‘attack titan’ power in his fights with annie yeah, but he’s always concious during those fights as far as I’m aware.

  10. As an avid fan of the manga, I was marking out this entire episode. Everything was done so faithfully. I love it.

  11. Is this…. CGI used properly?… God this animation is breathtaking and combined with the beatiful directing…

  12. You are lucky Eren didnt put you in the Figure 4 leglock…you would be tapping out ASAP!! Hows your head by the way…that butterfly DDT sure did a number on you into that beautiful butterfly headlock!

  13. The whole fight i was just calling out all the wrestling moves to be honest lol xD That DDT on Reinold tho!! 😀

  14. Thank you yet again for this amazing episode! Someone is working their butt off to provide subs 2 hours later after it’s been live!

    The episode brought tears to my eyes, so awesome, what a beast of an episode, Eren is finally starting to get some control over his titan, and the overall episode was spectacular. The CGI when fighting the colossal titan is amazing. And they all working together with a reliable Eren in titan form is just so fun to see.

    I also laugh my butt off with their continious cliffhangers in mid-combat. I would say I can’t wait till next week, but this series has made me learn to wait.

    Thanks again!

    • Agreed!

      Also don’t you just love it how Eren is able to listen to Mikasa and Armin now and to Hanji’s instructions, now that he’s in control of his Titan form? This kind of cooperation will do wonders for them all in the future!

  15. Dammit they managed to make it awesome almost the same as the Manga, IT’S CAUSING MY TEARS TO DROP CUS OF MY HYPE

  16. oh God…. so short… i thought im gonna see eren get his power in this ep… (manga readers know the power)


  18. This fight scene was a little dissapointing for me. The fight between Eren and Annie was much more dynamic and the music was so epic during that scene.I thought Reiner will beat the shit out of Eren (it’s not that I don’t like Eren) but he was acting like an angry kid wih big muscles without any practice how to figh. It was exciting but I expected a huge load of epicness with brutally strong music and dynamic fight….
    What is your opinion guys ? I’m curious 😀

    • Reiner isn’t as fast as Annie due to the armor. I personally think they did well to copy the manga exactly. The dynamic here is that Eren is using their own moves against them and beating them with wits instead of his Titan Power. I was legit smiling during the whole episode. And by the way Reiner did beat the shit out of Eren, Eren just adapted and won.

      • I read the manga too but I totally agree with you. Eren would’ve won if not for Bertholdt’s interruption, and he’s actually adapting much faster in real combat despite being in a titan fight with Annie once (not counting the first time he turns Titan since that was a rage and uncontrolled thing).

          • Nah, Reiner was on top and the blunt force would have still knocked him out. That thing could weigh a few tons, if you put steel plating underneath it’d snap like uncooked spaghetti.


    • She’s smart enough to have tried that if it were possible. It’s not that far fetched to slice the unarmored bit but she might have been unable to because those bits are hard to reach between the armor.

  20. If you guys don’t like cliffhangers, read the manga. It’s better than waiting 10 years for the season to end and pick back up again, you’ll feel less compelled to engage in furious, all caps ‘cliffhanger’ spam AND you will certainly enjoy the anime more because you know everything already and it is a joy to see it all animated.

  21. another great episode
    and love that little scene with annie
    been sometime since i read this and totally forgot the
    call back to annie teaching eren some fighting techniques

  22. What…. WHAT WAS THAT CLIFFHANGER!?!?!?!?!!!?
    GEEZUS. Haven’t seen a show this good at building intensity an leaving it at the worst/best moment possible since GoT!

  23. People look stfu please. You will understand why i betrayed yall in the future. So dont blame me blame zeke goddamit . We only want erens spinal fluid thats all. And i nearly died phewww.

  24. what if they had only female titians and the special types were the big tiddy titian, the titian with the fat ass and the titian that gives good head, id fap to that

  25. I do not accept this! I need the next episode, no the next episodeS, right now! Yes I know what will happen next since I’ve read the manga but this anime is so magical that it just makes you want to see the next episode immediately and you can’t wait to see what happens next even though you already know what’ll happen next! I am going insane! I am just gonna rewatch this!

    • I first saw season 1 when it was already nearing the end, so I was somewhat binge-watching and having the time of my life. Kinda frustrated now that I have to wait every week for it to air lol.

    • thats what i feel too…. oh God my nights are ruined!! dont know why im more curious about anime ep than manga ch!!

  26. After this episode the AOT fandom recieved a grim reminder… that they’ll have to wait 1 week for each episode.

  27. So when I predicted the victory of the scouts and the manga readers all screamed “If you read the Manga you would know what happens -_-” you were just being assholes?

  28. That was the most boring 15 meter fight I’ve ever seen. And yet it was still one of the most awesome, 10/10 would watch again.

  29. oh shiiiit, i cant wait for the next episode. a week is too long. i know somehow my boy Eren is going to escape Bertholt’s ugle head

  30. oh shiiiit, i cant wait for the next episode. a week is too long. i know somehow my boy Eren is going to escape Bertholt’s ugle head


  32. Wow, leave it at the part where the Collassal Titan opens his giant-ass mouth! Wow, so~ suspenseful. That totally pumps me up for next week. And the theme, am I the only one lovin’ it?

  33. too damn short. For real we’ve seen eren give two punches and reiner crawl with an awful cliffhanger..

  34. you know, when they leave episodes on such cliffhangers, i want to die ;-;
    I mean, you see an episode, get stuck on a cliffhanger, wait a week to get stuck on another cliffhanger.
    What is wrong with people now ;-;

  35. you guys seriously need discipline to be able to write and comment down here. Maybe I should send you all back to that shitty ass camp… YES!

  36. …. oh no
    also, the ending is soooooo freaking creepy like i never get creeped out but ugh its so freaking creepy because when you actually look and analyse whats going on in the ending its so creepy and its giving me lots of ideas about the plot and how the titans even began. ugh creepyy but it totally looks like something that would happen in like the BC of Europe. The pic where the royal looking family were eating people like cannibalism is something that 99% happened long ago in Europe ;-; its just so creepy especially that music and it makes it even worse when i actually link it to the plot of the anime and uuughhh its like juicy but creepy and its coming together…. watch the ending

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  38. holy shit! this fight just looked like some hardcore gay sex.
    Not that I know much about gay sex of course….

  39. Am I the only one thinking that Nagisa used Annie’s move against Karma in Assassination Classroom?
    It looked so familiar.

  40. I think Mikasa won vs Annie. In episode 4 of season 1, Jean still has his dinner in front of him before Eren starts an argument. Jean said he bet his whole dinner on Mikasa. Yeah it’s a long shot as these could have been 2 different days, but it’s also possible it was the same day. -w-

  41. please fix, non of the servers work ! It says there is no network server or connection or something, but i have connection. Thank you

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