Attack On Titan Season 2 Episode 8 Dubbed

Attack On Titan Season 2 Episode 08 DUBBED.
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Season 2 Episode 08 of the TV Anime Series Attack On Titan English Dubbed

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20 thoughts on “Attack On Titan Season 2 Episode 8 Dubbed”

        • She’s SOOO obsessive over Eren and she risk the ENTIRE mission and risks EVERYONE’S LIFE after Eren CONSTANTLY TELLS HER he does NOT need her watching over him 24damn/7 I mean, the dude can turn into a 15 Meter tall titan and go berserk AND he’s gotten better at ODM so the fact that they keep emphasizing on her unhealthy obsession just jades me out man.. I mean, cap. Levi couldn’t have said it any clearer/better “We all get that you love him, but try not to put everyone at risk over it.” do you EVEN REALIZE that the whole reason Levi couldn’t spring into action with his injured ankle and the bodies had to get thrown off to the titans to make the wagon lighter & go faster in season 1 was BECAUSE MIKASA, if she wasn’t such and obsessive BITCH that situation would’ve NEVER went DOWN! If I was the captain for commander or what the fuck ever I’d KICK mikasa OFF the scouts forEVER and send her back to the interior where she can NO longer be a DANGER to ANYONE ELSE on the scouting squad, she is a liability and everyone is SAFER INCLUDING EREN without her obsessive tendencies, and the fact that they keep trying to span this out into some obsessive incest stepsister obsessed over step brother odd tension does NOT help at ALL!!! 🙁 HATE HER! (There is TOO many reasons why mikasa HAS to be the literal WORST character next to how USELESS krista is).

          • Anime wrtiters are all the damn same, they always have a tendacy to write out a character this way (It’s USUALLY ALWAYS a Female) making them HIGHLY annoyingly obsessive over a character and it just goes on and on and on and the character that said female character is obsessed over is ALWAYS nine times out of ten NOT obsessed over them but THEN the writers MAKE that character end up liking her in that way and it’s just so fucking cliche and irritating to see this annoying writing happen OVER & OVER & OVER & OVER & OVER again, it’s so cyclic and sooo TYPICAL ANIME, HATE IT. |:

          • I went from loving AOT to barely even LIKING it.. only reason I stay it ’cause the plot holes are something I just wanna find out SO effing bad & I try my BEST to annoying the annoying nails on a chalkboard writing but damn… it’s just too tough sometimes, I tell you. {RANT OVER}.

          • Lol her obsession is laughable, and as yet not fully explained, your obsession with hating her is disturbing, I know, trust me I know. She is physically, well.. Hot but seems to be entirely unhinged. But alas, she is an anime character and therefore not subject to rational ideals of sanity. You on the other hand, do. You are insane. Have fun with it, I hear that it is a relaxing and altogether stress free way of leading ones life… Insanity here I come, u sir have convinced me that blissful ignorant stupidity is the path to a deranged yet happy existence.

  1. This episode was probably on end of the best so at this season I’m glad we’re finally moving along with the plot compared to the first episodes which were a lot slower and ahhh the ending was amazing I can’t wait for the next episode :”)


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