Attack On Titan Season 2 Episode 8 Subbed

Attack On Titan Season 2 Episode 8 Subbed

Attack On Titan Season 2 Episode 08.
Watch Attack On Titan Season 2 Episode 08 in High Quality HD online on
You are watching Attack On Titan Season 2 Episode 08.
Season 2 Episode 08 of the TV Anime Series Attack On Titan

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212 thoughts on “Attack On Titan Season 2 Episode 8 Subbed”

  1. Oh my god! I cant wait for episode 8, 7 was good! Eren kicked his @ss so hard in that fight! I wish it was out already!

  2. Why does everyone blame watchsnk or issyama for not giving us vids as soon as our lazy asses want it, I mean it’s the producer that make the decision.

    • I mean you can eather watch crappy subs or RAW or Live Or wait for the propper subs that are out about 30 minutes after the first subs so if you cant wait for 30 minutes watch another anime or an Lets play or some silent gameplay

    • Yo you are true fan and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. i have been watching the countdown for 4 hours.

    • Not filler it was in the manga, guess you’ll. call ep 9 filler too, as its just eren ymir bert and reiner talking about this whole situation for 20mins

    • No it didnt action whore its a set up episode for major plot , btw guess you’re gonna hate ep 9 since it just bert,ymir,reiner and eren talking for 20 minutes but whatever idiot

      • thats why it sucked ass and episode 9 will also suck ass im going to read the manga fk this shit man we dont want talking we want action bro

      • what major plot what the point for the worthless flashback it tells us nothing we already dont know
        and yes I did read the manga

    • i’m saying this due the slow pace of the anime, and to where the plot went after i read the manga. IT FUCKING SUCKS, won’t get into details so i won’t spoil.

  3. This episode was exactly one manga chapter…i guess they will not finish the arc in this season

  4. haha i enter the website to see how much time is left for the episode and it shows 10 seconds 😛 lucky me

  5. Comeon really need to wait again like hell and still there will be not enough action
    then wait for another 7 days shit

  6. an entire week for a flashback
    good thing I read the manga or this would drive me nuts

  7. episode was shit all nothing interesting and again another weask of weaiting for hopefully a good episode

  8. I don’t think this episode was shit … The episode , of course , is quite boring without battle scene . However , It’s necessary to deeply depict the relationship between Mikasa Armin and Eren . I love what Mikasa said Why dose Eren always go somewhere far away from us ? .

  9. Hehe… I guess they wont find us, Rainer and I are masters of camuflage he is red and has 60m an im grey and I have 15m and im loud like those cannons of those survey corps…. Nobody can find u

      • no i didn’t so please don’t spoil. i wouldn’t mind story development and intrigue, but now we had a pointless flashb

      • (no idea why my comment was posted before i finished typing) no i didn’t so please don’t spoil. i wouldn’t mind story development and intrigue, but now we had a pointless flashback, a corny speech and an extremely awkward scene of mikasa and armin eating…

        • There will be a lot of story development, but most of the time through dialogues and flashbacks. I didn’t say this to spoil you, just don’t expect huge battles in every episode, because you are going to be disappointed.

  10. I loved the music at the end of the episode, hope it plays next time too because i will need to be pumped up. There is only 3 episodes left!!!

  11. How are they even going to get to shiganshina arc with these slow ass episodes? They literally wasted a whole episode on a single fucking flashback lol

    And please go kill yourselves autistic roleplayers in the comment section

    • this pace is perfect for this arc rather than rushing things and making everything a clusterfuck of failure. building up the excitement is a good indicator that shit will be fucking amazing in the next few eps. and no, they won’t get to the uprising arc this season, wtf do you want them to do with 12 eps fitting in two arcs?

  12. oh fuck no please guys… don’t tell me it’s going to be a full episode of flashback… brb in 25mns…

  13. So do they add the subtitles in with the animation because they know that english viewers will want to see the minute the episodes are released? So the sites where you can watch it don’t have to subtitle it or look for a subtitled version?

  14. Aw, they broke the mystery. Hange’s gender is supposed to be a mystery. It’s quite obvious if she takes off her jacket and has tits.

      • In the anime, Hange is female. In the manga, Hange’s gender “doesn’t matter” as Isayama wants the characters personality to be the focus. However, in the manga, Hange is addressed with male pronouns unless the translator makes a mistake or assumes that the manga MEANT to use female ones based on the anime.
        So canonically, Hange is male. Hange’s personality and gender ambiguity, however, has led to depicting Hange as female as possible, and apparently the anime decided to go with that.

        • it is clearly stated that she’s female in anime and junior high but not stated in manga.
          so in manga, its upto u to choose, bt only in manga

          • You say this like the first part hasn’t already been said by me.
            Also, like I said, in the manga, Hange has only ever been addressed as a male. Only mistranslations have referred to Hange as female in the manga. This means that in the manga, Hange is male. This also means that Hange being male is canon, and Hange being female is noncanon.

            Anything contradicting the above would simply be incorrect. Not “its up to you to choose” so that way those who prefer to see Hange as female can do so thinking they are correct. Hange is male in the manga. There is no ambiguity left unless Isayama makes the character come out in the manga and say “I’m female, but I identify as male”. Hange is a guy canonically, bottom line.

    • Well they avoid gender specific pronouns (Not sure if that’s the right word) like he or she, and according to some manga readers they do the same there. I think in the dub she may have a male voice actor. They usually keep it in the dark, just like they keep the results of Annie v Mikasa in the dark. They tease that fight in “Attack on Titan HighSchool.” multiple times as well as in the “Attack on Titan Chibi.” And the OVA.

  15. there’s no way they can finish this arc in another 4 episodes.
    it’s either gonna be a cliffhanger, or more episodes as a surprise! I hope so anyways.

  16. Just what the hell is wrong with Fast Video 1080p ?
    episode 5 and 6 inaccessible and now episode 8 does not have 1080p

  17. God. I’m pretty sure nothing happened that episode. Still great to watch but COMON!!!!! Make these episodes 40 mins at least if there’s only going to be 12!! And a lot of them filler! ERENNNNN!!!!

  18. Soooo many ppl criticizing this ep… i mean u want it to be a plothole?.. and if ur here just for action, forget it…. this ep is great for those here for the story. it wont make sense with pure action. Not. At. All.

  19. It makes sense now.. I had to see this a second time lols. Bertholdt ate another scout in order to kill him and take his 3dm gear… I can’t believe he could actually do all that shit while still in titan form. I see why Bertholdt has the power of the colossal titan… he has a very good understanding of his power. Reiner is a lot smarter than he looks too! XD

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