Attack On Titan Season 2 Episode 9 Subbed

Attack On Titan Season 2 Episode 9 Subbed

Attack On Titan Season 2 Episode 09.
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You are watching Attack On Titan Season 2 Episode 09.
Season 2 Episode 09 of the TV Anime Series Attack On Titan

My Hero Academia

Read Manga for this Epsisode: Chapter 46

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271 thoughts on “Attack On Titan Season 2 Episode 9 Subbed”

  1. I just finished re-watching the first season, after just watching it the first time last month, sooooo that’s how deep into this I am rn. Saturday can’t come soon enough

  2. Sind Sie das Essen? Nein, wir sind die Jäger!


    • yeah its not that easy to correctly translate 20 mins of Japanese to English with proper grammar and all

  3. …I am thoroughly disappointed with this episode, I thought there would be more. Plus I don’t even know what they are saying!!

    • No worries. You don’t need it back. It was a great episode that further expanded the depth of the plot.

      • 7 min of Reiner and Ymir talking about how they can’t move from the forest and really vague mentions of the beast titan and Reiner and Bertholdt’s past. Its not that there wasn’t any action, but if the whole episode is going to contain only info it better be info that actually further’s the plot. This episode didn’t do that

        • It did further the plot. It just didn’t further much of your understanding of it. It was an allusion to later plot points. Something to keep in mind for now. Don’t be so fickle.

    • Might as well drop the series now. It keeps up with its action, but the deeper it goes, the more you’ll need to know the plot to completely get behind the weight of said action.

  4. That abnormal titan lying on the ground was the only highlight of this episode for me…dude was chilled as f***

  5. Can anyone tell, if I wanted to read the manga starting from this episode, which chapter should i begin with?

    • The “boring ass episodes” actually have story and character development. You clearly only watch the show for the action

      • What character development they have? Eren is still the same illogical idiot, only thing we learned is Reinar is a delusional scum. The rest was 4 people sitting on a tree for 20 minutes

    • Thank god you don’t write stories… this ep has been crucial to preset emotions and display the ducking ambitions of the characters and to give them more depth. Well the thing is, it’s for character development, from colossal and armored .You rather have them as villains with no motivations at all?

      • What motivations they have mate? Literally no one asked a meaningful question. Eren can ask: Who are you? Why are you doing this? Who sent you? How did you become titans? But no, none of those things happened.

  6. In the manga it showed them taking Marcos gear and watching him get eaten. But in the anime it did not wtf.

    • Dude spoilers. This episode was covering chapter 49 (I think).
      That stuff isn’t covered until chapter 77, which would be Season 4 material. C’mon man. Edit your comment or delete it.

      • Incorrect, I believe this scene was partially covered back when Annie wouldn’t come into the tunnel with Mikasa, Eren and Armin (which I believe was episode 24).

        • It was a big reveal when the chapter I mentioned came out.
          Look it up if you wish, because Im confident enough that Im right to where I wont put any further effort into this dispute.
          The original post has a spoiler in it.

  7. This episode kind of makes me wonder how Reiner, Bertholdt and the Beast Titan even communicate when they are always seemingly separated…

  8. Eren: “I have to get as much information as possible and suppress my emotions”


    • Dude, he’s as far away from a psycho as you can get. Imagine how you’d react if you found out two close friends were actually enemies, enemies who’re with those who killed your fucking mother. I’d turn titan right away and kill those fuckers.

  9. These episodes are just getting worse and worse. 24 minutes of pure boredom, seriously, all this episode was just 4 people talking to each other. They really need to extend the runtime of these episodes to keep interest because I’m not the only one getting fed up with this. I’ve already read all the manga but now we all have to wait another goddamn week to get another 24 minute episode. Huge disappointment, they need to fix their shit.

    • You should appreciate them even making episodes. The manga is huge so they are trying to put everything in, that’s why it has so many dialogues

    • They don’t need to fix nothing. This is how adaptation of a monthly manga into a weekly series works. Be grateful you’re getting this, because this is actually some high standard shit. If you’re disappointed, then you need to either inform yourself on this business or take a step back and analyze how high your standards are, because at least one of these things I just said is your issue here.

  10. Is this a joke? Maaaan. They’re moving so slow with all the events. Like 9 episodes into the season and in 2 or 3 happened something interesting. This really sucks man. Does the backstory presented in the Historia episode really matter? I don’t mean to hate but I feel like I’m waiting all this time for a new episode and I’m dissapointed almost every time.

    • It’s actually very important. This is one giant story so everything is connected. It’s not really moving slow you just think it is because it’s weekly and 20 minutes long.

      Each manga chapter is 40-50 pages and this season they’ve generally been adapting 2 chapters at a time. So think about it: you’re going through 20 minutes that’s filled with 80-100 pages worth of dialogue and story. That’s pretty fast.

      • They don’t care. Something exciting didn’t happen within the last thirty seconds, so they need to be resuscitated from overdosage on boredom.

    • Historia is very important to the plot. You guys wouldn’t be able to move forward in the anime without her. Learning the backstory surrounding her is the first step.

    • Do you read the manga? This is very short compared to that. A lot was condensed to even fit into 12 episodes.

  11. The season 1 was at least 20 times better than this one(no offence but developers should have made this season a bit more decent)

      • They Needed 4 years because they are taking it from the manga and the manga isn’t coming out very quickly so yeah

        • Don’t waste your time… your lie the 5th person to explain this and nobody is smart enough to understand. They’re turning the manga into Anime, that simple😤

  12. 2 mins intro, 2 mins ending, 90% flashbacks and pointless long conversations about things that we already know or we have already seen, 10% action and learning new stuff, JUST WHY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. This was legitimately the most boring SnK episode I’ve ever watched. besides the marco getting eaten part, that was something interesting.

    • Try reading the mange, i’m sure you’ll enjoy that a lot more. Good luck waiting another 4 years for the anime to finish 😀

    • So, you can either watch AoT as if it is just another main stream cancer anime with pumped up chars and decent fights, or actually not only watch it for the fights but also for the story, which is fucking great

      • Extremely important plot? Did they actually say anything this episode? All I got out of it was, A. They are trapped. B. They are slowly regenerating. C. Eren is mad at Reiner and Bertholdt. D. They are going to some town, but that has been said like 97 times now. And finally, that Ymir is probably gonna go with those two. Literally nothing was explained this episode, nothing happened this episode, this episode as a whole was incredibly boring.

          • Not really interested in the premise of the series enough to bother. Kind of got boring after season one. The fight in episode 7 was fun, but outside of that the plot just isnt that captivating. I very well might just drop the series at some point.

            Well atleast theres always Boku No Hero Academia.

        • Honestly if you’d read the Manga you wouldn’t have anymore questions about the whole plot. This. Is. Why. We. Say. Read. The. Manga. But you know the manga chapters are like 80+ pages long. Imagine waiting a month just to read a chapter with them stuck in a tree, twice. Just imagine how bored the manga readers where. But you only had to wait a week, for a 20-30 minute episode. BUT these events are important so say it’s boring all you want this episode was more exciting than the manga at that time.

          But since I know all the answers to this episode I have no questions except what’s life anymore and whose next on the hit list, we are questioning that now anyways lol. Let’s hope our favorites don’t get taken out.

          • Probably just gonna drop the series to be honest. Cant really see myself finding any interest in the story, as its just purely questions with no answers or developments. I’d say we have hope of getting some real definitive answers this season, but unless they somehow squeeze shit tons of development into 2 episodes, I dont see this season getting very far plotwise. And considering how long this series season 2 took to make, I’d say we’d be lucky to get a season 3 sometime in 2021.

          • Your assumption about the taking of time for the seasons is wrong, but its not like you care. I’ll still explain if you, for some reason, do though.

          • Lol pretty much its slow. Your best bet if it comes out that slow, is just to enjoy other stuff. Like I did. I got into a lot of different fandoms. I got bored of AOT too so I just learned to enjoy it when it comes out.
            Well from what I remembered in the manga(I don’t really lol 90 chapters is hard to remember) I would say your just about right but I see that there is possibly going to be a major cliff hanger that everyone will rage about. But I don’t really remember anything so from my instincts are telling is that someone will die (lol when hasn’t that happened) and pretty much you’ll be left with more questions. Maybe. But idk. But I’m usually never wrong about this kind of stuff.

          • If you add both of the chapters together it’s 80+ I wasn’t wrong. But if I remember the recent chapter was like 80 fluffin pages. 80. It took me so long to read it lol I don’t remember anymore

          • Monthly manga are typically assigned a 45 page count. AoT is one of those series. Always 45. Never more or less unless theres time issues.

          • Alright……yeah…i think I caught onto that now that you mention it. I’ve been reading them digitally so maybe that’s why I think their more than what they really are. It sucks

          • Which is strange. Spread pages are 2 pages in one, so reading those digitall should give the impression of less pages.

          • Some websites do that but others only post the one page to the next. Like strip line reading but clicking for each page. IDK depends on which website pops up first in the search

          • Very true! But being in college in the midst of finals and trying to read manga at the same time is nearly impossible…ucla kills

          • Omg I feel for you, if your anything like a slow reader like me (the plot won’t make sense if I don’t) it took me two days to read a manga that was 80 chapters. And that was one time for 7 hours straight and another time for another couple hours.
            I feel you bro. I feel you. My best recommendation is to start where the anime stops cause it’s basically the same except some minor details that don’t really affect the plot. I hope those test don’t kill you too badly hah

        • Things we learnt in this episode:

          -How Marco really died; Reiner, Annie and Bertholdt were the ones that actually killed him/let him die and that goes to show just how determined they are to their mission.
          -Reiner seems to have a split personality disorder going on here, which could be crucial to future episodes and how he reacts in certain situations.
          -Ymir doesn’t belong from the same hometown as Reiner and Bert but still seems to know what’s going on and “who the enemy is” so far. In fact, her vague statement about the enemy could indicate that it isn’t as simple as R+B just being the big bad guys here.
          -Reiner somehow seems to know about why certain titans can or can’t function at night, and it’s also revealed that they’re linked to the Beast Titan, who seems to be some kind of leader they may look up to.
          -Historia’s mentioned again and judging by the amount of screentime she’s received this entire season, I’m sure she’s got an extremely relevant role to play soon enough.

          So yeah, sure, this episode wasn’t action packed or “HYPE AF” but if you got that every other episode, you’d eventually get bored of it. A good show’s going to balance out the crucial informative episodes (or “fillers” as you like to call it) with the fast-paced fight ones. I mean, we just had Ep 6 and 7 for that and the next three episodes are gonna follow suit, so I believe two breather episodes were called for.

          • “Would eventually get bored of it” Tell that to One Punch Man.

            So to sum up what you said. Marco was killed by Reiner and Bertholdt, Ymir is from a different town then them, there is a big bad above the two, Reiner knows more than he is letting on (Been apparent since his titan-shifter reveal), and Historia was mentioned. That could have all very easily been condensed into 5 minutes of screen time, with Eren waking up, with Reiner and Bertholdt being quiet, have him ask his questions rather than cursing at them a bunch, have Reiner mentioned their inability to escape, and his knowledge of the titans being unable to function at night, have Ymir mention not being from their home town, and then they could ask her about Historia and then done. Instead it was made into 20 minutes of cutting back and forth between people riding on horses, with long drawn out pauses where noone was speaking. Coupled with Eren sitting around quietly for no real reason, before eventually having an outburst and then having the infodrop.

        • Since when does every show strait up spoil the ‘importance’ of certain characters? A lot of us said the information in these episodes concerning her will give important context for her role in the the plot as a whole. If you don’t enjoy it then just don’t watch, there’s nothing wrong with that?

      • Really all that happened this episode was more questions being asked. And not exactly original questions, just Eren wondering who the beast titan was. Why those two were doing what they were doing, and where they were going. None of those questions were answered though.

  14. I absolutely love this show. Reading the manga first and then hearing this dialogue in full force…

    “Will it be your petty life, or Christa’s future?”

    There are so many manga references present it’s insane It’s fucking amazing how they can tie so much together in these short episodes and make you feel clueless like Eren or up to date like Ymir, Bertolt and Reiner, as if they intended the show to be watchable twice because there are more characters to identify yourself with and comprehend their ethical dilemma. I hope more people start reading the manga and appreciate the animated verson instead of ridicule the length and progress of the show.

    • It was great and all to have some character interaction. But this was literally just 20 minutes of Eren asking questions, and everyone else ignoring him and staring off into the sunset with flashbacks playing occasionally. Nothing at all happened this episode, and thus it was quite boring.

  15. I wasn’t disappointed at at this episode I mean it wasn’t as thrilling as some others but still it kinda makes you think

      • ikr fasting is making my head stab me multiple time no joke but fasting is quite hard Ramadan Mubarak everyone who’s Muslim

      • for real ahahahah 17 hours of fasting non stop here in Russia, qur’an keeps me alive lmao

    • What little attention span the fanbase turned out to have.
      The season isn’t the problem. The fanbase is. Yes, really.

      • If “attack on fanbase” its your only defense, you should stop being an advocate and consider being an avocado

  16. why’s everyone saying the episode was boring?
    Is it bad that I liked it? lol,
    Sure it didn’t have much action but It was pretty informational and intriguing.
    I mean, come on, this is attack on titan, I bet if I re-watched this episode I could find a bunch of easter eggs.
    The creators know what they’re doing guys;)

    • Then you have nearly no patience. Namek lasted 60 episodes. This tree thing lasts 3. Which do you prefer? Beggars can’t be choosers.

  17. tis slow… i thought atleast the scouts would rech them… looks like smiling titan will have to wait, plus probably they will show more about Ymir than in manga here(added flashback)

  18. i think these 2 titans have explanation to do, theres a scene where reiner remembers about their friend got eaten by ymir? and i cant believe eren just kept on screaming.. isnt he curious at all? i think just like ymir these 2 want a redemption as well.. sad that i becoming to like reiners character .. eren being stupid.. sigh waiting for the next episode..

    • I know right. People really don’t know how to be grateful or even the process that goes into making this an anime. Ah well. Least It was worth it.

  19. i really feel like the episodes are dragging out too much, i swear he said when eren wakes up theyll explain everything then just sat around talking emotions.

    • If I had to guess years because the Manga still has a ways to go. And by ways I mean years for that also. Buckle in buddy we going for a ride

  20. You know I just thought, if you wanted to turn into a titan, couldn’t you technically be able to by biting your tongue or lip?

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