Attack on titan Season 2

Staff listing for Season 2 of Attack on Titan also revealed which shows that the staff will be returning and Tetsuro Araki will take the role of chief director with Masashi Koizuka stepping up from episode director to director.

Season 2 Preview:

 Season 2 release date has been announced! Click here to read more info!!!

14 thoughts on “Attack on titan Season 2”

  1. I’m a huge fan of TWD series and I have to say, YOU’RE REALY WRONG. SNK can never be compared to it. TWD is crap compared to this haha sorry. I still love TWD but HELL NO, Snk is better by far.

  2. Since u probably know it’s coming out in 2017, that means you’ll have to wait longer 🙁 . I am so glad I starting watching this show this year since it’s coming out soon


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