Shingeki no Kyojin Season 2 Episode 12 Subbed

Shingeki no Kyojin Season 2 Episode 12.
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You are watching Shingeki no Kyojin Season 2 Episode 12.
Season 2 Episode 12 of the TV Anime Series Shingeki no Kyojin

My Hero Academia
Read Manga for this Epsisode: Chapter 50-51
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89 thoughts on “Shingeki no Kyojin Season 2 Episode 12 Subbed”

      • you’re the asshole this comment section is made for commenting the episode u stupid fuck no one told u to read the comments before watching the episode
        you’re the one who spoiled yourself don’t blame me for your stupidity

          • ^ every time one loses an argument, it goes right down to punctuation / grammar. You can just admit you were wrong, that’s still a thing…because, well, you did a stupid thing.

          • is that all you could’ve found as an insult ? i am not gonna argue with u anymore I’ll simply block your ass

          • “My bet is your 12 years old little cry baby” And you complain about his grammar? You used “your” instead of “you’re”

          • Hey Scarce, “you are lack of punctuation” does not make sense. He used the correct your. Are you disabled?

          • Lol he was talking about the 12 year old comment which also is incorrect because it’s 12 year old not 12 years old

          • Kinda like your lack on intellect and respect for others? Since you haven’t realise you start with a cap letter after punctuation.
            My bet is your 12 years old little cry baby, who doesnt write spoilers in the comments on any online streaming service?
            Name just one and prove me wrong, or realise you are a bit of a tit, just sayin………

          • Just what a 12 year old Would say y’know.
            You clearly dont understand the situation here so shhh the grown ups are talking kid.

      • and you’re amongst the dumbest kind of dumbasses
        who told you to read the comments before watching the episode

      • This. People that haven’t ready the manga have no idea who that dude is other than him probably being the Beast Titan. That’s it. Showing him for the non manga reader audience did nothing but create more hype/questions for them.

        • Also, it could have been deduced that the Beast Titan was another shifter from the anime. All the intelligent Titans we’ve seen were shifters, and every normal Titan was derpy as hell. So the Beast Titan must be a shifter because it’s intelligent and can talk.

      • The beast titan is Eren’s half brother, and the smiling titan that died in this episode is the beast titans mom (: also the coordinate is basically the founder of all 9 titan shifters and every other titan. Each titan shifters ability is passed on by a derpy titan eating the titan shifter (: Eren happens to have the coordinate and attack titan within him.

    • Thats probably the biggest spoiler I ever heard, I already new that buy cmon some people don’t know who that person was.

  1. Why is everyone saying this is the end of the second season? If they are sticking to the same format of the first season, there should be about another 25 episodes total for season 2, and as well as for season 3

    • your wrong, I know who it is cause of manga, but your somewhat close, if you want to know who it really is just look it up youll find it somewhere

      • yeah, nice talk, keep acting like a genius fuck.
        all manga readers know who that is. keep the guy wondering and don’t ruin his speculations.

        • Aint you a bit og a dick? Really read comments to find grammar correction how sad, and as far as I know you are still Reading the manga, since not every book has been realesed yet? So **Reading. No problem since you are going Way to much into that stuff.

  2. are you SHITTING ME ? animecruzers ? season 2 won’t have more than 12 episodes and it won’t show the entire truth ? What in the actual FK.
    my life . this much waiting is so wrong. [fyi: nothing against you animecruzers, just the bloody news.]

    • this will take so long my friend, but many informations will be revealed slowly.
      let’s hope next season release won’t take that long again.. otherwise we’ll be ending snk in the span of 30 years.

  3. You Ape, if you thought you can invade our walls, kill our Mike, lead a group of titans to raid utgard castle and make it out alive, you’re wrong.

  4. well that is interesting read the manga ahead and get all the info first hand eren is the king of titans or atleast the power to control them if only he knew sooner if only

  5. I don’t know this but I’m guessing. Eren is the son of Grisha right? I’m assuming Grisha is the monkey titan thing because he disappeared and when you compare them, they kinda look alike, and as you know he kinda rules the titans and so Eren finally inherited (or some other way of saying he got his father’s powers) that? And they all listen to him and his father Grisha. They have some sort of connection? Geez would love to see that Eren finds out that huge monkey is his father…


    *So Eren’s dad is the beast titan?

  7. I’m so curious who was it? really? who the hell is the enemy? I am tempted to search it online but I can’t!! hahah. I will wait again for season 3.. haha

  8. I’m so curious who was it? really? who the hell is the enemy? Why are there titans? I think the enemy is playing a game like hunger games. I am tempted to search it online but I can’t!! hahah. I will wait again for season 3.. haha

  9. I’ve read the manga already and am up to date, but spoiling it for others is something I would never do intentionally, that’s just derogatory in its own sense.

  10. SPOILER! The Beast Titan is actually Zeke Yeager, Eren’s half-brother and is in charge of Annie, Reiner, and Bertholdt

  11. Ok just a question cuz the intro and outro are giving me waaay too much to think about , is the origin of the creation of titans already mentionned in the manga or not ?


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