Shingeki no Kyojin Season 2 Episode 8 Subbed

Shingeki no Kyojin Season 2 Episode 08.
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You are watching Shingeki no Kyojin Season 2 Episode 08.
Season 2 Episode 08 of the TV Anime Series Shingeki no Kyojin

My Hero Academia

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73 thoughts on “Shingeki no Kyojin Season 2 Episode 8 Subbed”

  1. people don’t worry, the next episode is going to be all action, this is probably the only episode with 98% filler in it

  2. Calm down guys, this wasn’t even filler, it’s character development. I know action is great but this pacing makes the action and characters have so much more weight. Think of it as investing in something bigger rather than spending on something small. And if you want to see real filler watch Naruto.

      • Yeah, but these aren’t wasted scenes like Naruto is. These scenes show character progression and intentions, helping us feel for them. Naruto was just boring and repeated a ton.

    • At least someone understands. Looks like a bunch of kids posting around here and expecting 12 episodes of Titan action

    • I guess this is what happends when something gets popular. A bunch of children infest it and demand non stop boring action.

      These people are all just jumping on the hype train and watching because everyone else is watching it. They have no interest or investment into the character story or their plight. They just want to see titans punch each other.

      This is why I’m sometimes ashamed to be an anime fan.

    • Yeah I’m sorry – but I call bollocks. Character developmnt implies development. What new did we learn about the characters? That Mikasa always comes to save Erens ass and Eren always comes to save Armins ass? Nothing new.
      That Mikasa is a fighting amachine? Nothing new.
      That Hans is a useless drunk who always talks big and makes promises he won’t be able to keep? Nothing new.
      That the military police are bunch of pansies? Nothing new.

      There was NO development. You can name call as much as you want, say that people shouldn’t expect action every episode – but here’s reality. There’s 12 episodes. Nothing happened in this episode that isn’t a repeat of all the other shell-shock we’ve seen.
      Now be it as it may – we have no right to demand anything since we’re just sitting here watching it, but this episode was filler.
      Filling out an episode with a bunch of information we already had, shell-shock we’ve already seen, situations repeated all over and the same people.

      The only thing new we got was Eren and Ymir waking up in the forest with Reiner and Bertholt. That was the only non-filler material we got at all. Even some interaction between them in the WOODS would’ve made for a better (and non-filler) episode.

      • I guess what I got out of this episode wasn’t information, but more of a feel for all the characters. I never knew just how on edge they were about Erin until after he had been captured. I got a feeling for how comfortable and nice the town was before the attack, the first episode had a very dreary tone yet this showed an upbeat and relaxed tone that helped me understand how much life sucks now for them. Sometimes a show isn’t always about getting farther in the plot. My favorite part of Death Note was when Light and L were standing in the rain on the roof. A very heavy scene in tone and character. Is this a great episode in AoT? Not really, but it’s not bad by any means. I find it as good fuel for the next episode to rocket from.

  3. Wow complete waste of time with these flashbacks and pointless conversations, really disappointed especially because there’s only 4 episodes left

      • Its more because there’s only 4 episodes left and there’s no need to talk about stuff we already know, its just repeating and halting any progress

    • Really? So getting to know how Eren and Hannes have developed and/or stayed the same is pointless? Doesn’t add any depth or excitement to the upcoming fights?

      • We already knew that about Eren. We already knew about Hannes that he makes a bunch of promises he won’t be able to keep when it comes to it. We alrady knew that Mikasa is an emotional wreck when Eren is not around. Tell me what new we got. Tell me what depth we saw that hasn’t been presented to us atleast once.
        It was jut a big filler wind-up for an upcoming fight. I bet you that one can go back in the previous episodes, clip them together and get the EXACT same result. Minus some weak punching.
        So yes. Absolutely really. It adds no depth we did not know about. It just took us back to it to remind us it happened and people have feels and get kinda shocked when bad shit happened.

        • Sometimes looking back is more eyeopening than looking forward. I get what you’re saying, but to me this added much more happiness to there past than ever shown. It felt like a home to want back. New atmoshpere, new flashback, new connections, not filler, just character development.

  4. Thank you for yet another episode of my favorite anime!

    It got yet again confirmed that Eren has a gorgeous future wife waiting for him, darn you Eren! =D

    It seems Ymir was sitting there quite at ease, I wonder why. =)

    And please don’t spoil… I was trying to write a thank you to the wonderful people of this website when I stumbled on one of the top comments which was a spoiler about next episode before it got removed by the moderators. I didn’t want to read that. It’s wonderful you already know, but keep it to yourself please.

      • It wasn’t meant to be taken as a fact. Was more or less a remark based upon Mikasa saying she wants to be at his side forever. ^^

  5. So how did Reiner and Bertholdt get 3D maneuver gear? The shouldn’t have had any unless they got some from the people bertholdt ate…

  6. For gods sake pls , i know character development and shit like that , but if you want to know something about the character go read the fucking manga or wiki, i would rather see what will happen next, i was waiting 4 fucking years to see some thing i could read in the book ???

  7. Am I the only one that watches it and thinks its only 8 min long.
    Time passes so quickly watching this. Then all of the sudden “To be continued”
    *sigh* Another week i guess….

  8. Character development my ass!

    First off.. I started reading the manga before the anime even came out, so don’t try to tell me that I’m not invested or don’t appreciate the show. Lets be honest most of you only watched the show because of the hype. ” ohhh everybody is watching the show, so gotta watch it too!” Lookin muthafu…

    This was the worst filler I have ever seen in an anime. Almost every ongoing anime has one here and there, but at least they are entertaining in some sort. This was pointless. If I can take a whole episode out and still not miss much from the show than it doesn’t need to be there. There is only 12 episodes… MAKE THEM COUNT!

    Now… character development? What the hell did it develop?

    Mikasa is in love with eren and she wants to go save him?🤔 Nope, expected

    Erin used to get into fights all the time as a kid and mikasa had to fight for him, while armin just stood there? 🤔 Nope, established in season 1

    Oh..oh.. or maybe a soldier that we can never remember their name give a super motivational yet cliche speech that will most likely die sometime in the near future?🤔🤔 nope, saw it coming.

    Character development… really?

    Sorry my friends, DO BETTER! I waited to long for this to be disappointed.


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